There are no hard-and-fast rules which state that all semi-custom kitchen cabinets need to be of the same colour. In fact, believe it or not, two-toned kitchen cabinets are getting popular by the day. And many even believe it to be a top-trend this 2019!

Other than the fact that two-toned cabinets can transform the look of any designed kitchens, there are a few other reasons which could explain why this trend is so red hot now!

A Focal Point For a Cosy And Homely Feel:

Two-toned kitchen designs are perfect to create the most important part of the house wonderful focal point. Regardless of having an island in the centre of the kitchen space or a gorgeous appliance range - either way, opting for a two-toned kitchen cabinet around those decor elements will draw the maximum amount of attention.

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Good news for lovers of kitchen is that with a two-toned kitchen cabinet, they can turn their island to a standalone piece of furniture - another popular trend in kitchen designing these days.

Creates Appreciative Optimal Illusions:

Two-toned cabinets are also known to bring about appreciative optimal illusions. If the kitchens have a high ceiling; one way to lower it visually, and make it feel cosier is to add darker colour on the upper cabinet. Furthermore, with dark shaded cabinets below, it also shows less dirt where it is most likely to get dirty.

Breaks The Monotony And Presents A Fresh-Appealing Look:

Two-toned kitchen cabinets are also known to modernise traditional kitchen set-ups from the usual ‘old-school all-cabinet matching approach.' Cabinets having dark colour below and white colour above breaks the monotony and lend a fresh-appealing decor to the existing kitchen.

4 Trending Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinet Designs To Adopt In 2019

"White And Fresh Blue Kitchen Cabinets" - Fresh blue kitchen cabinets look really fabulous especially if it matched with white countertops, white uppers, light coloured marble tiles and white countertops. From every nook and corner, it will ooze class and immediately attract the attention of whoever catches a glimpse of it.

"Light Gray + Aqua Kitchen Cabinets" - Even experts specialising in home renovations in Holland Park say that there is so much to love about this soft pastel two toned kitchen design. More so, if this is applied to a small kitchen space.

"White + Bold Green Cabinets" - The combination strikes a sharp contrast between the white coloured and bold green kitchen cabinets. Owners will love the duality of the colour tones especially if one adds a few light coloured appliances.

"And Lastly An Earthier-Looking Farmhouse Kitchen" - The earthy appearance still works great with two tones- white cabinets sitting next to the natural wooden ones. It is already a hit amongst many homeowners, and in 2019, this will be loved by more number of owners.

To pull off any one of these trendy home kitchen renovations in Brisbane, it is best to consult with a professional. Summon them up for a thorough inspection and ask about the scope of accomplishing these designs. One can even ask their take and recommendations about trending kitchen designs to adopt. They will be happy to help in whatever way they can.

So, don't dally! Speak to them today.

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