Batteries of iPhones at times get quite deceiving, to say the least. Sometimes, they give the users palpable early warning signs that they need to be replaced. However, there are instances, when they would turn off without any early word of warning as well. Now, this does not happen often, to say the least. In most of the cases, they would show certain signs before burning out. Users have to act promptly upon those signs to make sure they are not caught on the wrong foot on one fine morning.


Here are some of the unmistakable signs that tell it is time to replace the battery of their iPhones.


Battery outgrows the iPhone


This is one of the most common symptoms that say, an iPhone battery has reached its end. Strangely, at times, the battery grows in size, so much so that the phone case cannot hold it any longer. This, to say the least, puts the health of the phone to a test, which in most of the cases the phone cannot sustain and gives in. Thus, with the earliest signs of the battery growing in size and putting pressure on the chassis of the phone, it needs to be replaced before it knocks out the entire device.


The iPhone shutting down unexpectedly


This is another very common symptom of iPhone battery replacement that people face. There have been complaints from various quarters about iPhones shutting down without any prior notice, even though the battery has not drained out entirely. The only option that the users are left with in these cases is switching on the phone afresh, only to see the phenomenon repeating after a certain interval.


To make matters even worse, nothing improves even when the device is charged up to the brim with the help of an authorized, quality charger.


For iPhones above version 6 – they are all but prompt and fast


There are those hapless souls who would find to their astonishment that even though they are using iPhones above version 6, they are pretty sluggish and slow in responding to commands. On top of that, they will keep hanging, only to spring back to life once they are restarted. 


For devices lower than 5 – they have terrible battery life


For those with iPhones of versions lower 5, their days are even worse! They would find that their battery life lasts just hours even after fully charging them. Sometimes, they will find that their iPhone is not charging to its full potential, and stopping at 70 to 80 percent of battery strength when they are charged.


The device works only when put on charge


This is another peculiar issue that the iPhone users face with their devices. They find that they are able to use their phones only when they are put on charge. The moment they take the phone off the charge, it either dies or hangs. In addition, they tend to get too ‘hot to handle’ after even a call of only a few minutes or running a video file or a game for a brief period.


So once your device starts showing any of these signs or some or all of them, it’s high time you opt for battery replacement. However, let this issue be taken care of by a company that is adequately licensed, reputed and experienced.

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The author runs a company that takes care of iPhone issues – both the complex technical ones and the easier and elementary ones like iPhone battery replacement including issues as trivial as when users see their iPhones are not charging.