A few months ago, New Harbinger, a different publisher than the one that published my new book, contacted me to write an Inner Bonding spiritual connection workbook for them. Of course, I was delighted to be doing this and plunged right in to write it during the same time my current book was nearing being released. I love writing and because I allow my guidance to write through me, writing this book was very exciting – almost like taking dictation! It’s all I wanted to do and, and as a result, I burned the candle at both ends, with ideas coming up even in the middle of the night. It was too much.

I rarely get sick, but during this time, due to not getting enough sleep or enough down time, I got a cold. Unfortunately, I got it right before flying to Orange County for a Three-Day Advanced Intensive. In order to be able to talk and not cough too much, I had to take some strong over-the-counter medications – which ordinarily I never take. I’m very sensitive to anything that isn’t natural, so while the meds got me through the Intensive and I was able to stay mostly connected while there, as soon as I got home the toxicity got to me and I felt disconnected from my guidance.

It Was Awful!

Oh my – what a terrible experience this was for me! For a long time now, my mind is generally quiet and I live being guided by Spirit. But with the toxicity of these meds, my wounded self started to chatter day and night. I could hardly sleep, and when I did sleep, I woke up terrified. I was shocked at the fact that just a few days of taking these medications could have such a drastic negative effect on me. Fortunately, I was still able to stay connected with my guidance with my clients, but not with myself.

It gave me the experience that I haven’t had in years: the way so many people live every day, due to toxicity from processed food and medications. It was terrifying for me to feel so lost, alone, anxious and depressed. I felt like I was living blind, unable to tap into my source of love and wisdom for myself. Fortunately, it lasted only a few days, and then I was back to feeling connected, but I really hated that experience.

Normally, I feel happy and peaceful with a wonderful lightness of being. I often get waves of bliss that I call a state of grace. During those few days, none of this was happening, and it made me realize even more clearly that so much of the pain people go through is coming from toxicity. During that time, I could not move out of my wounded self. My frequency, due to the toxicity, was too low to access my guidance, too low to operate as a loving adult. Life felt dark.

So Relieved!

I was so relieved when all that junk moved through me and I was again able to come fully back into myself and my connection with my guidance.

I want to encourage you to read my new book so that you can get a deeper understanding of how you might be creating toxicity in your body that might be lowering your frequency too much to have at-will access to your spiritual guidance. I’m truly appalled at how many people live in the way I lived for a few days. I want everyone to experience the joy of at-will Divine connection!

For profound healing and to learn how to have at-will Divine access, read my new book, “Diet For Divine Connection.”

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