As we progress and discover things to make our life easier and smoother, so also the challenges increase, which were absent even a few decades earlier. Now, almost every home has one elderly person who has to survive without the support of a proper family unit, or there is a disabled person whom you must consider in all decision making process of your life. This has led to the huge demand for walk in bathtub with shower, which makes life easier for both the elderly, the disabled, and the caregivers who are responsible for the well being of such people.

Bathtubs can surround you with warm water, and that is what most people like about bath tubs. But they don’t like the idea of having to sit in a tub for long surrounded by dirty bath water. Because the elderly, and people who suffer from arthritis or other ailments which severely affect their mobility just can't climb in and out of a tub without assistance. And that assistance cannot work as per one’s wish all the time. Walk in bathtub with shower provides the perfect solution to these predicaments, and provides an effective alternative to the people who want to experience those benefits of bathtubs that are experienced by the fit and healthy, anytime, in the comfort of their own home, as they want.

Imagine the pleasure of simply pushing a door and walking into a tub instead of climbing over the edge which can be slippery and wet. Then you can just fill up the bathing space, and sit down on a seat with a cushion which will probably be anti-bacterial as well. The seat will be comfortable, and a lot of these tubs fill up with water, and exhaust water out, much faster than an usual tub. Walkin bathtub with shower have handheld jets that will shoot out air and water, giving you the feeling that you are getting a complete massage while you sit there. These tubs’ specialty is that they feature a shower system so that you can take a shower whenever you feel like it as well.

With more and more single unit nuclear families, there are an increasing number of aging people who live all alone. The fear of falling while getting in or out of a tub can be overpowering, yet many senior citizens do not want to have someone, just to help them get into and out of a regular tub. It is usual that most senior citizens have difficulty standing still for an extended period of time, so taking a shower can be a challenging task for them. Adding to that is the risk of a slippery floor, which can lead to a nasty fall anytime.

Walk in bathtub with shower can be installed for such people so that they don’t miss out on the pleasure of taking a bath, which we take for granted. The risks involved with taking a bath is so great for some that they stop taking baths regularly, and these kind of walk in tubs are a godsend solution to them. It also presents a long term good investment option, because everyone gets old, and not vice versa, so these kind of tubs will come handy for one member or another of the family sooner or later.

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The author of this article, Jake Porter, is in the business of bathroom remodeling and have witnessed the growing demand for Walk in bathtub with shower, because of the various innovative features which are helpful to all.