Marriage is an important thing that happens once in a lifetime. Marriage is a beginning of new life, where we begin to live together with our partners.

Wedding ring is an object that can remind us of the pair. By wearing a wedding ring, so other people know that we've taken. Also serves as a symbol of eternal marriage.

Now the wedding ring model with a variety of different shapes and materials. There are a white gold wedding rings, diamond wedding rings and so forth.

Time to order a wedding ring is generally varied. Can one year or six months before the wedding date. The maximum time to perform repeated measurements or "resize" is five days before the wedding day. Criteria for a good wedding band and who meet the standards of quality is the gold content of 75% and 25% mixture of out of gold or so-called also based metal.
Wedding ring

Wedding Ring Types
Rating the quality of goods, from highest to lowest qualifications are; platinum ring, white gold (yellow gold contains 75% so it is a bleached yellow gold) and yellow gold.
Levels of diamonds: the smallest starting from the 0005 rust (on the ring can be seen only as "size tone" sweeteners while). If you want to be seen clearly as "mainstone", grade diamonds set in number from 0:03 rust.

Several conditions must be considered in buying wedding rings is;
Should buy in the place known or recommended, and the courage to give guarantees to buy back, or dare to guarantee the letter of the goods with credit percentage of the gold content.

White gold contains nickel, resulting in itching in susceptible people, although the possibility is very small only about 0.1% -. If you want really safe and allergy free, yellow gold can be selected. Diamond shape was divided into six models;
1. Round
2. Oval
3. Heart
4. Markis (spiky leaves)
5. Emerald (four sides)
6. Model pear fruit.

Here are tips to measure wedding ring in order to really fit with your finger:

* Perform measurements during the daytime because the finger is at its largest size-same as when buying shoes-. Don’t measure the circumference of the finger when the hand was cold. Let your hand temperature approaching room temperature before measuring the ring finger.
* The width and thickness of the model adapted to the big ring finger. Therefore, when choosing a ring with a wide model, consider the comparison of models with large finger rings, because the ring will be covered so you.
* To measure the circumference of the ring, wrap a string or a piece of paper tape on the ring finger, putting up signs at the end of the second meeting. Then, measure with a ruler both ends of which have been given a sign, then divide by the number of 3:14 to get the size of the diameter of the ring.

Tips for your wedding rings remain durable maintained:

* Keep the wedding ring from volatile liquids or chemicals such as chlorine and cleaning fluids that can reduce the shine.
* To clean a wedding ring, use hot water and cleaning fluid that contains no soap, then brush the ring with a soft toothbrush.
* Keep a wedding ring on a soft cloth bag (cloth bag) separately, or enter the ring into his box to make your wedding ring look beautiful.

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