After going through the first two reasons why the western population is gaining so much weight.; we come to the third reason which is dehydration.
I am inclined not to attribute all the blame to you personally, because we live in a society where we are bombarded with advertising.
It is therefore not surprising that you follow the directions of the corporate leaders, who with their financial power; are able to lead you down their attractive commercial path of value-added offers and packaging for eating convenient fast food.
With this convenience available instead of cooking for the family meal, you can get into your car and with the power of travel at your disposal; choose the best location for your next convenient fast food meal.
It now leads me on to the third cause of your obesity, which is the dehydration of your body; through drinking acidic sugary drinks, instead plain tap water.
Your body is made up of 80% and therefore it requires natural water to replenish the water supply in your body. Drinking anything else will not be directed into your body, because any sugary drinks with carbon dioxide will be expended from your body, because of the acidic solution and it is no longer water. Again corporations encourage the purchase of soda drinks, with their amazing deals on the purchase of large-sized drinks included with your meals.
Tap water is free to drink and is, or should be available for free at any fast food location. Sodas are actually water with carbon dioxide and sugar, or Aspertine (if you want it sugar free) pumped into the drink. This does NOT replenish your body of the much needed water in your body, it is just released with the carbon dioxide from out of your system.
OK, so I drink other drinks like tea and coffee that don't have carbon dioxide in them - you say. Unfortunately, this is no help as both coffee and tea have acidic content, which means that the water content will likely be pushed out of your body through your kidneys and converted into urine.
Your body needs plain simple tap water that is freely available. If you don't like drinking it because of the chlorine, then you can buy filters that contain carbon, which will filter out the chemical taste for making the water more acceptable to drink.
Bottled water is of no value, because the filtering process makes the water acidic; so you are better of drinking tap water than any other type of water. It is what your body needs and it will be of more benefit to your body and your waistline than other drink available.
So think about it. The healthiest water available to drink is tap water and it is free to drink. Your body needs more tap water than any other drink available; because the build-up of acid in your body, will lead to a risk for chronic diseases. There are other articles about water, which are free to read.

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