It can be challenging to maintain a positive outlook when you are in the midst of negative situations and/or people.

With the increasing costs of living, natural disasters, wars, company closures, lay-offs, divorces, illnesses, addictions and adultery, to name just a few, it can put a real strain and struggle on a person’s attitude and life.

In many conversations you can hear how hard, devastating, and disheartening things are for people and perhaps for you also. It becomes difficult to remain optimistic.

Hope that you once had can easily be replaced with doubt, but remember doubt can just as easily be embraced by hope.

Having a positive attitude is exactly what is required for transforming a problem into a possibility, or a mistake into a learning experience.

Can you accept 100% responsibility for everything that happens in your life and the attitude you have towards it?

You do have a choice whether the occurrence will take or keep you down, or lift you up. Whether what has transpired is happening to you, or is something that has happened, and it’s now up to you what you can do from this place.

What are you attracting into your life? When you shift, things shift.

There are numerous books of people’s life stories of how they made it through the most devastating times; times they never thought they could handle but they did.

Faith! Positive Thinking! Possibilities! These three words can see you through whatever you may be facing.

Am I a believer or non-believer? Are my thoughts positive or negative regarding this person/situation? Am I thinking problem or possibility?

Even though things may not be how you would like them to be at this point in time, it is possible to hold a space open for miracles and greatness to occur.

Can you consider another option or another attitude or another way to see your way through?

Yes, things happen in life and some leave a sour or bitter after taste so to speak. As the saying goes, when life hands you lemons, make lemonade.

Nothing is outside of you; everything you seek is inside.

Inner Peace; Inner Happiness; Inner Love; Inner Wealth; Inner Health; Inner Understanding; Inner Passion; Inner Okayness. What you believe is reflected in the outer world.

You really can turn a good day into a bad one or bad day into a good one with the thoughts you hold and believe.

The thoughts you keep are what can lift you up or bring you down.

I can’t do this – I can do this, and well.
So and so should change – I can begin to change my thinking towards him/her and myself.
Why did this happen to me – This hasn’t happened to me; rather it’s happened and it’s up to me how I will handle it.
I’ll never succeed – If this doesn’t work I can do something different.
I’m a failure – My mistakes are stepping stones for my ongoing success.
I’m dying – I’m living right now.
So and so doesn’t understand or love me – I need to understand and love me.
I hate this – I love this because it’s showing me where I need to do some growing.
That’s so unfair – fair or unfair, it’s in my thinking and it’s up to me how things will be.
Be aware of what thoughts and/or beliefs are standing in your way. You can make it through anything; anything is possible when you look up, not down.

Unexpected events can happen any day and at any time; it’s up to you what you do with them that can make all the difference.

Are you a victim to your thoughts and circumstances? A victor over them? Or, victorious within them?

You can give your power to it, over it, or you can be empowered by it, which will you choose?

Remember, the thoughts you keep can lift you up or bring you down, so choose wisely.

The Insight Technique assists you in being victorious in your thinking and doing.

Author's Bio: 

Kimberley Cohen is the Founder, Facilitator and Personal Insight Coach of The Insight Technique™. She is certified in Body Mind Counselling, Process Oriented Body Work and Spiritual Psychotherapy. She founded the Insight Technique™ - Your Insight to genuine Happiness, Purpose and Prosperity to assist herself and others in uncovering and discovering their brilliance. To question and understand your thinking so you can transform what blocks and limits you from living the life you desire and deserve. Or "living your dreams".