What stops you from fully experiencing enthusiasm, joy, and significance in your daily life? What stops you from living with Full Wattage?

I have found the three biggest saboteurs that keep people from living with Full Wattage are:

Saboteur #1 – Your own beliefs.

For example, think about your beliefs regarding work. We often view our work as a necessary evil. Our goal simply becomes to get through the day or through the week. We hear common sayings like, “Thank God it’s Friday!” and “Living for the weekend.” Many people can’t wait for retirement.

A recent survey showed that only 45% of Americans are satisfiedwith their jobs… and that figure is on the decline. But is it right to spend such a great portion of our lives doing something unfulfilling at best? I don’t think so.

So what are your beliefs about work? And where did these beliefs come from?

Often, they came from the things we heard as kids. Did you ever hear any of the following…

“You have to work hard to make a living.” Just like Donna Summer sang, “She works hard for the money. So hard for the money….”
I was lucky that my family supported my choice to become a dancer, but many of my friends were told, “Get a real job.” Ouch!
“It is selfish to have work you love.”
“Someone has to take out the garbage.” The underlying belief here is that if everyone only did what they loved, nothing would get done!
So what beliefs about life, work and overall success influenced you growing up?

Saboteur #2 – Thinking that you must have complete clarity before you act.

When you are not sure, take steps in the direction you feel most drawn to and clarity will come, one way or the other. Even negative feedback helps you make different decisions and moves you forward.

Sometimes we become attached to focusing on confusion as an excuse not to take that next step. Or we spend so much time “preparing to prepare” and “fixing to get ready” that we never get out of the gate. Don’t let that happen to you!

Saboteur #3 – Focusing on the negative.

It’s amazing how much time we spend worrying about things that have not happened yet, and that probably won’t ever happen.

You might find your self-talk confirming that you are always going to be stuck or that you cannot afford to make changes. Maybe you think if you try something new and but fail, you will have ruined your future chances.

When you get caught up in negative self-talk you are simply awfulizing. (To imagine something to be as bad as it can possibly be.) More often than not, the things we spend most time worrying about never come to pass.

So these are the three biggest saboteurs that I found that keep people from living with Full Wattage. Don’t let them stop you!

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Excerpted from the book, Full Wattage! A Practical Guide to Living an Engaging and Purposeful Life Worth Celebrating by Liz Fletcher Brown. Get your free chapters as well as tips and tools to live a balanced, joy-filled life at http://www.FullWattage.com