The Third Ingredient- Unconditional Abstinence

This is self explanatory. However being an Alcoholic and/or Drug Addict, or any other compulsion, we have a tendency not to get this or rationalize an excuse to this rule. It is really that simple We Don't Use NO MATTER WHAT. I have a very, very dear friend who puts it this way" I don't use even if my ass is falling off I'm just grateful for the weight loss." That pretty much says it all.

However as addictive personalities, especially if your new, drinking /using is what we know they are our defense mechanism our ways of coping, it is what we do. NO MORE! Now on we find other ways. Yes it's hard, yes it's uncomfortable ( because it new not to go to our old stand by) That is why you need a support system, meetings, sponsor, because alone you will likely use. These strange things like "FEELINGS' and "EMOTIONS " or going to be cropping up and hard to deal with because they have been numbed and restricted by our using that they will seem overwhelming and/or uncontrollable. However they are natural , normal and healthy. However they will be confusing and very overwhelming. However "FEELING never killed anybody, our reaction to them can cause many problems. Again when experiencing an overwhelming and/or confusing feeling we immediately seek out our support system, sponsor and/or go to a meeting. Doing one or all of these things will equip you with a whole new set of tools to deal with this issue and will be OK. Just remember We don't Drink or use NO MATTER WHAT.

One more little note on the second ingredient. The first three steps are basic life lines for early recovery.Step one says We are powerless and our lives had become unmanageable.
At some point to some degree we have perceived this ( probably Grudgingly) to be the case. this is the motivation for recovery. No one will treat a problem until they are aware of it, and in our cases usually have to be forced to acknowledge it, usually by some sort of crisis. Remember that an alcoholic and/or addict is usually the last person to see the severity of their addiction. The whole world has seen much earlier the problem and how desperately they need to change. Step one is the remedy.
Step Two says That the addictive person seek strength and hope outside himself, usually a novel and distasteful option the the addictive personality. Yet highly needed as their history proves. Step Two says Came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to Sanity" We addictive personalities as a whole are prime examples of " FALSE INDEPENDENCE-- Stubborn insistence on the right to make endless numbers of bad decisions while under the influence of powerful toxins or at least without complete ability of rational thought. Step Two tells us specifically to abandon the hope of any lasting recovery without help.

The third step, Another difficult and tasteless step for addictive personalities. Now he MUST turn his will and life over to God. HOWEVER there is a very special point here that must be noted and pointed out. Step three says " Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God AS WE UNDERSTAND HIM". Now who understands God, However more to the point , It is not up for anybody to tell You who your God Is ! You need to find a Higher Power that works for You and implement it/them into your daily life.

Now if a relapse happens A sponsor or support system and/or treatment will always steer you back to these three steps. So to Avoid A relapse Because we all have a relapse in us The Deadly Question is DO YOU HAVE ANOTHER RECOVERY IN YOU? So to avoid this very painful situation to yourself and others, Work particularly hard at getting these three steps instilled in YOUR LIFE/RECOVERY.

Author's Bio: 

I am a 18 year member of A.A., C.A., and N.A., I have been a drug and alcohol counselor in two recovery houses. As well as a life skills coach. I spent 8 years as operations Manager for an Alano Club, I am presently working in the feild of life skills coach and recovery coach. I am also a inter faith Pastor.

I have recovered from alchol and drug addiction. Drug addiction included, Weed, Mushrooms, L.S.D., Speed, Herion , Cocaine. I used thes drugs in many forms from smoking Crack, to injecting Herion, Cocaine, Speed, L.S.D. and even injecting alcohol.I have alco recovered from bankruptcies, failed relationships. Criminal mind set.