The Law of Attraction is based on the idea that the Universe, made aware of our desires, will bring those desires to us. The Universe is made aware of our desires by our thoughts and, more importantly, our actions. To get the Law of Attraction to exert its full power, we need to provide our actions with the strengths that are recognized by the Universe. By using these strengths in our actions, we impress upon the Universe the power of our belief and the deserving nature of our desires.

The strengths we use to enhance our beliefs and actions are might, affection, and awareness. Each of these strengths can be developed through practice, and each of these strengths are independent of the others. We can have each of these strengths in various degrees; however, it is when we exert all these strengths that our desires are fully presented to the Universe.

The Strength of Awareness

Awareness is based upon our understanding of reality. When someone is fully aware, they have two qualities about their perceptions of reality. First, their perception has a quality of clarity. Their thoughts are clear, concise, and precise. An aware person has a clear picture of their world and of themselves. Second, their perception has a quality of correctness. The understanding of an aware person is in alignment with the world they inhabit. They can see why things happen the way they do, and they can predict, with reasonable accuracy, the results of current actions. The understanding of an aware person is not controlled by ideology or other belief systems but by the reality of their world. That does not mean an aware person does not have beliefs; on the contrary, the more aware a person is, the stronger their belief system becomes. But the belief system does not control their perception of their world.

The Strength of Affection

Affection is having strong bonds with both yourself and others. A person with affection, deep affection, has a bond with themselves and with other people that cannot be broken by minor events. This affection can be called love, but recognize that it is “agape” love, or “platonic” love, not romantic love. An affectionate person revels in the success of those they care for, supports them when times are bad, and wants the targets of their affection to have the best life possible for them, not for the person caring for them. A person with affection strongly believes in the value of those they care for, and acts in ways to enhance the lives of others and themselves. For example, an affectionate person will work on self-development, knowing that by becoming a better person they can serve better.

The Strength of Might

Might is the ability to get things done. It contains the ideas of productivity, determination, initiative, and problem solving. These are the qualities of a person of might. Such a person will see a situation (through their awareness), desire a particular solution (through affection), and then do what is necessary to implement that solution; obstacles will be overcome through problem solving, determination, and productivity. A person of might will not have to be told what to do but will do what they determine is necessary. Through reflection and experience, a person will strengthen their might by improving their qualities of productivity, determination, initiative, and problem solving

By working on these three strengths (awareness, affection, and might), a person develops and enhances their ability to invoke the Law of Attraction. Such a person is surely destined for success.

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John Steely has been teaching mathematics, study skills, and habits of success for over 25 years. The material of this article was based upon the Law of Attraction Explained course offered on his website.