Beautiful, straight teeth make a huge difference to your confidence and sense of well-being. However, few of us are born with a perfect smile.

At Horsforth Smile Clinic we are premier providers of Invisalign treatment in Leeds. We are dedicated to giving our customers beautiful smiles that last a lifetime. In this article, we detail some of the major benefits of Invisalign treatment.

Cosmetic dental care has seen some major advances over the last couple of decades. One of these are Invisalign clear braces, a brace system designed to quickly and efficiently move your teeth gradually towards perfect straight teeth.

If you are a teen or adult, one of the big problems with traditional braces is that they are visible. The last thing you want is a mouth full of metal. It can make you self-conscious, to say the least. In fact, that’s a major reason why older people refuse dental treatment in the first place.

Invisalign are custom made braces for the individual and, more importantly, they are not visible in your mouth.

Here we take a closer look at the top 10 benefits of Invisalign clear braces and why you should choose them to straighten your teeth and improve your smile.

1. Invisalign Solves a Wide Range of Common Teeth Problems

Invisalign clear braces work just as well as traditional braces. They help remedy a number of different alignment problems, including:

• Overcrowding: This happens where there there isn’t enough space between the teeth. Invisalign braces gently easy those teeth apart to give you a better bite and nice alignment.
• Crossbite, Underbite and Overbite: Your bite is uneven either before or over the upper and lower teeth. You close your mouth and your teeth don’t rest evenly on top of each other. It causes greater wear on the teeth over time.
• Gapping: Many people have gapping between individual teeth. If you are don’t like what you wee when you smile in the mirror, however, Invisalign will certainly help close that gap.

2. Smart Technology Gives You Greater Control

All braces are designed to move your teeth slowly over time. Invisalign braces are strong but also highly flexible. There’s no problem with unsightly wires, brackets or even cement. The elastic material of Invisalign braces gives you greater control and, combined with the latest software, this means much better control.

3. The Trays Are Invisible

The huge benefit that both teens and adults love about Invisalign, however, is that the braces are practically invisible. In normal conversation with another person, they won’t notice you are wearing braces.

Traditional braces are often uncomfortable as well as unsightly. Once you get used to Invisalign braces, you’ll almost forget they are there.

4. You Can Remove the Invisalign Trays

Invisalign braces are designed to be removed. Ordinary braces are put in and left until the straightening has been completed.

Invisalign are easy and convenient to remove. You take them out when eating or when cleaning your teeth.

Old style braces are adjusted by tightening tiny screws. Invisalign are simply replaced once you get to the next stage of the cosmetic treatment. You will have several pairs of braces that are fitted new each time (usually after a couple of weeks each time).

In short, you don’t worry about any wires or brackets or tightening up the screws.

5. Invisalign Uses Computer Software to Show How Your Smile Will Look

With traditional braces, the dentist starts by taking an impression of the teeth. Invisalign, however, uses state of the art software. This also allows you to see what the effect of the braces will have on your teeth.

This gives you great peace of mind – you get the solution you need and see the end result almost immediately. It’s very motivating. With this new technology, you quickly see how long the cosmetic straightening will take before you finish treatment.

6. Invisalign Braces Are Comfortable

Apart from being invisible, the great news about Invisalign is they are comfortable to wear. This is also a huge bonus when it comes to motivation. Traditional braces are less comfortable. That means people take them out and get frustrated with them.

Not sticking to the regime ensures your teeth straightening takes longer and, in many circumstances, is less effective. If you don’t realise you are wearing braces, you’re more likely to keep them in.

7. You Can Still Eat Your Favourite Foods

Because Invisalign are removable braces, you’ll enjoy all your favourite foods. Everything from nuts and apples to corn on the cob and sticky toffees, you simply take out the braces when you eat.

One major issue with old-style braces is they often limit what you can eat, particularly your enjoyment of certain foods. If you are someone who doesn’t want to be deprived, Invisalign braces are the perfect solution.

8. Cleaning Your Teeth is Simpler

Maintaining oral hygiene is often an issue with traditional braces. Bits of food get stuck in the wires and brackets. Not keeping the brace clean can cause discolouring and even tooth damage over a longer period of time.

There is no such problem with Invisalign. You simply remove the braces when you are ready to clean your teeth.

9. You Can Whiten Your Teeth at the Same Time

You have a few more options with Invisalign. You can even choose to whiten your teeth at the same time as having them straightened. There are no wires or brackets in the way to stop you.

This is something you need to discuss with your dentist, of course, but, if you want straight teeth that are perfectly white, the option is always there.

10. You Don’t Need Manual Adjustments

Finally, another big advantage is that the your Invisalign braces aren’t adjusted manually. With traditional braces, the contraption is tightened over time to bring your teeth into alignment. This requires your dentist to have a lot of experience and skill, as you might expect. Our dentists at Horsforth Smile Clinic are specialists in invisalign Leeds.

Invisalign braces are created on 3D printers and software to create the entire Invisalign programme. The process involves creating a movement plan on the software and presenting this to you during your consultation. At this stage the braces are sent to the Invisalign Labs in America and the first set of braces are sent to your dentist. Each brace will do its job and create movement, it is then replaced by the next one, produced by the software to exact precision. That means there is a high degree of accuracy in the design and shape of your brace.

There are a lot of reasons to choose Invisalign clear braces over traditional ones. They are more comfortable and give you greater control over the final smile that you want to achieve. What’s more, no will even notice you are wearing them!

Many of our patients are going to Google and searching for invisalign Leeds and are finding our invisalign page. We have extensive information on this page about Invisalign and how to get the most out of the treatment, as well as who it is suitable for.

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