The Top *10* Marketing Power Words to Generate Boatloads of Business

Marketing Power Word #1 - Dissatisfied - This is a very powerful word for your marketing! Here's how to use it: Are you currently dissatisfied with the results that you are having with or in... (insert your product, service, or industry)? You are appealing to people in your industry that are currently dissatisfied with the results that they are having with a product or service. You are also generating qualified leads with those questions in your marketing.

Marketing Power Word #2 - Relationship - Your main goal is to build long-term relationships with your customers so let them know that in your marketing. Here's how to use it: Building a long-term relationship with our customers is our number one priority. This tells your customers that you are committed to them before, during, and after the sale of your product or service.

Marketing Power Word #3 - Believe - I hear so many business owners say "I think..." The word "think" is fear based and conveys uncertainty. Instead, use the word "believe." Here's how to use it in your marketing: I believe that our company will meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Do you see the difference? Remember, "think" says that you don't really believe it so why should your customers?

Marketing Power Word(s) #4 - Secret Solution Now - These are three words that can be used together to basically tell your customer that they can stop searching for a solution to their problem, because you have the solution for them right now. Here's how to use it in your marketing: No need to search any further! We have the Secret Solution NOW! Of course you personalize it to effectively market your business.

Marketing Power Word #5 - Anticipate - How do you anticipate the needs of your clients? Listen with your eyes and ears. Listen to what they are saying and watch their body language. This makes your customers feel special, and they know that you care about them. Here's how to use it in your marketing: We care about our relationship with you as a customer and will do our very best to anticipate your needs. You can obviously make this personal to your business and expand on it more.

Marketing Power Word(s) #6 - How to - These two tiny words are extremely powerful in your marketing. You are giving your customer much needed direction that will relieve some issue for them. Here are a few examples : How to Instantly Get Rid of Neck Pain - How to Finally Own the Home of Your Dreams - How to Take Your Life and Business to the Next Level.

Marketing Power Word(s) #7 - Call to Action - You should always have a call to action in your marketing so that your customers can get in touch with you immediately. Here are a few call to action words that you can use in your marketing:
Call or Text (561) 847-3467 to Speak with Our Elite Team – Email - Reply to this Email Now - Enter Your Name and Email Below for More Information. These are just a few ways that you can use a call to action in your marketing online and offline.

Marketing Power Word #8 - Involved - If you aren't involved with your customers, then there's no way you can build long-term relationships with them. Here's how to use it in your marketing: Our customers know that we are committed to their success. We provide extreme customer service and are directly involved in their business with our company. Your customers want to be in a relationship with you so make sure that you are directly involved with them.

Marketing Power Word #9 - Value - Your customers are looking for value more than they are wanting a discount or the cheapest price in town. Here's how to use it in your marketing: The value of our product will always exceed the price. Yes, it's that simple. The value of your product is more than just how much the product is worth. It's the level of customer service that you provide when they invest in your product or service.

Marketing Power Word(s) #10: Extreme Customer Service - This is my favorite, because my entire team is 1000% focused on providing extreme customer service. We LOVE our customers and LOVE providing extreme customer service. This is more of a mindset for you than words to use in your marketing. Your customers want to feel appreciated so show them some love already. Don't do just the minimum...shock and awe your customers!

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