If you haven’t seen Money and PayScale.com’s recent list of “The Best Jobs in America”, check out the partial list below.

The best jobs in the U.S. list was complied by information obtained from the Bureau of Labor Statistics on over 7000 jobs using some of the following criteria:

• Job trends for the top jobs showed an increase in overall growth and salary.

• Jobs chosen are the fastest growing jobs across industries.

• Good opportunity for employment. Any job titles that had less than 10,000 positions nationwide didn’t make the cut.

• “Quality of life factors such as stress and flexibility, and short and long term employment outlook” based on data from a PayScale.com survey.

The Top 20 List

1. Software Architect

2. Physician Assistant

3. Management Consultant

4. Physical Therapist

5. Environmental Engineer

6. Civil Engineer

7. Database Administrator

8. Sales Director

9. Certified Public Accountant

10. Biomedical Engineer

11. Actuary

12. Dentist

13. Nurse Anesthetist

14. Risk Management Manager

15. Product Management Director

16. Healthcare Consultant

17. Information Systems Security Engineer

18. Software Engineering / Development Director

19. Occupational Therapist

20. Information Technology Manager

Take a look at the CNN Money.com’s article on “The Best Jobs In America” for a complete list of America’s top 100 jobs.

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