Everyone knows that the world of insurances can be a bit of a jungle sometimes. With all these negative stories about insurance companies in the media, it might be a good idea to venture a bit further away from the multinational conglomerates, which usually dominate the playing field. Now, if you happen to live in The North Star State, you have without a doubt heard of Young America Mutual. It’s a local insurance company that has been servicing the area for more than 140 years. If you’ve never heard of this company, it is about time you should, because there is something great going on in the state of Minnesota. In this post, we have listed the three best (in our opinion) reasons to choose Young America Insurance. Now, we are pretty sure that there are lots of other great reasons, that we have excluded from this short list.

1: Location, location, location

Young America Insurance covers more than 19 different physical locations. Now, anyone who has ever tried to talk to a customer services hotline, frantically trying to follow the agent’s voice, whilst holding your insurance policy in your sweaty hands, will know the sigh of relief when I tell you that there are physical offices, where you can get help – because some things are just more comfortable in person. With this many locations to choose from, it’s always easy to find proper help – where you need it, when you need it.

2: Locally anchored

The Young America Mutual company is owned by its members. And because of this, you can expect a higher level of service. This also means that the hard-earned money that you send to this company with every bill gets returned to the community. This is not some large off-shore international corporate entity. There is a special kind of vibe around being at one of the smaller companies, and it really shines through in both their customer service and their packages. There’s no doubt that this company is out to help its members and customers alike.

3: No risk groups here

A lot of things about this company seems to be based on openness – their policies are no different. Whereas you can find many companies that work with risk groups, you could be exposed to the risk of having to pay an extra high premium, simply for the type of car you drive, which hours of the day you drive – or your age. If you dig a little deeper, you can see that the increase in premium costs is in no way equivalent to the compensation. What does this mean exactly? Well, it indicates that this trick is essentially just a way for insurance companies to get more money from different groups in society. Sounds unfair? Well, don’t worry -it looks like you won’t experience this at Young America Mutual.
This was our top three reasons to choose Young America Insurance, but as we all know, there are probably many other reasons.

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