The normal route nearly 99.9% of people take and I dare say you have taken yourself to lose weight is to go on a diet, eat less or starve and then exercise week after week or haphazardly and expect the weight to come off like magic, right?

If only it were that simple. In fact, if it were, we would all be showing off 6 pack abs and trim bodies resembling those of Beyonce, Madonna, Brad Pitt, Will Smith and all the celebrities we so admire but we all know that does not work in the real world unfortunately. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that things are not just that easy. This is what typically happens when you go on a diet, reduce the food you eat, fast or skip meals in your bid to lose weight

#1: When you are dieting or skipping meals, your body does not know the difference between dieting and starvation, so it does what it normally does to protect you if you were starving, which is to = Protect Your Own Body Fat from being lost.

#2: Your body then does another very annoying thing. It slows down your metabolism.This means the rate at which your body burns up calories for energy becomes slow and hence you store these calories as fat instead of burn it.

#3: Your body then decreases fat burning hormones and increases fat storing hormones. Fat Burning hormones are the hormones that control how your body burns fat and uses up calories, so when you are dieting (a lesser version of starvation) your body tells all your cells

There's no way around it, if you want to burn fat all the time where you have at least 5 -30 kilos you want to lose "really" Fast, your body must be in a fat burning state all the time.

And there’s only one way that’s possible: You will have to use certain advanced techniques to get the Rapid weight loss you desire..
You must use meal plans with strategic, Rapid fat-burning nutrient timing that would put your body in the Fast-fat burning zone. You likely already know that you should be eating a mix of high quality proteins, healthy fats, and fibrous carbohydrates daily.

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