Pillow top mattresses represent the pinnacle of luxury in the bedding industry. They are often associated with the finest mattresses in the world. In addition to being associated with luxury, pillow top mattresses provide several benefits to its users. Let’s take a look at four of the biggest benefits of using a pillow top mattress.


A luxury pillow top gently contours to your body and automatically adjusts to the different pressure points of the body. This allows you to be fully supported during sleep and provides you with maximum comfort. The contouring of the pillow top allows less disturbing motion, which can often hinder a good night’s rest. A pillow top mattress generally will absorb the movement of someone’s sleeping partner, thus helping provide undisturbed rest. Given all these reasons, a pillow top mattress might be the most comfortable and best mattress available on the market today.

-Less Pain

The extra cushioning of a pillow top allows for proper support for the spine while also perfectly contouring to the back, hips, and shoulders. The extra cushioning layers provide additional support for your back and relieve your back of the pressure points that traditional mattresses tend to create. All of these factors combine to make pillow top mattresses one of the best types of mattresses for reducing pain.


Mattresses that provide great support tend to be firmer mattresses. Pillow top mattresses are more cushiony, but they are still able to provide great support for users. Because the pillow top adjusts to all the different pressure points of the body, you will be fully supported during sleep. Pillow top mattresses are actually one of the most supportive types available.


Pillow top mattresses tend to last much longer than traditional mattresses because they return to their proper shape after each night’s rest. Because of this, there is no need to flip the mattress every couple of years to lessen the wear and tear of the mattress. High quality pillow top mattresses are built to last a very long time. You can definitely buy a pillow top mattress and be rest assured that it be a long-lasting investment.

The benefits of a pillow top mattress are plenty. In my opinion, they are definitely worth the investment. They are luxurious and comfortable and they are great for reducing pain. Even better, they are very long-lasting, which means you will enjoy the benefits of these mattresses for a long time. Keep this all in mind if you are in the market for a great mattress.

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Joseph Auer is an expert in the mattress industry and has been helping people find the best mattress for them for years.