When you first start noticing that there is a lot more hair on your hair brush or on your pillow, every morning, you first instinct will be to start looking for the best solutions for hair problems. The fact of the matter is that you cannot find a proper solution to a problem, till the time you understand what the problem actually is. Same goes for hair loss – unless and until you actually delve into the problem and find out what is causing the hair loss, there is no way that you will be able to find a proper solution to it.

Talk to an expert and they will tell you that hair loss is generally caused due a particular factor or perhaps a combination of factors.
These are the main 5 causes of hair loss:

1. Hereditary or genetic – Androgenetic-alopecia is one of the most common causes of hair loss for not only men, but also for several women. This is a genetic condition that can lead to extreme hair loss and the same can start at any age. What is more important about this condition is that it can also be hereditary – so, if one of your parents is affected with androgenetic-alopecia, there is a strong chance that you might inherit it too.

2. Medical conditions or procedures – There are certain medical conditions and procedures that could lead to hair loss – for instance, if you have had to undergo chemotherapy or radiation, there is a chance that you might lose an excessive amount of hair. However, this hair loss is not necessarily permanent and your hair could grow back over time. Similarly, if you are on medications for arthritis or high blood pressure, that could also lead to hair loss. It is also important to remember that hair is basically made up of proteins and in case there is a deficiency of protein in the body, it could lead to hair loss. As a matter of fact, there are other deficiencies that could lead to hair loss too, such as iron, zinc, vitamins B and C. The best solutions for hair problems that are caused due to these issues would be to improve your diet.

3. Hormonal conditions or infections – For women, hair loss could also be associated with certain hormonal conditions – for instance, during pregnancy or after it, there could be hair loss. Similarly, if a woman is going through menopause or has changed the contraceptives, she could notice hair loss. Hormonal changes can lead to a disruption in the hair cycle and that can lead to hair loss. Hair loss can also be caused due to certain types of infections too – fungal and bacterial infections could lead to hair thinning and hair loss.

4. Pollution and environmental factors – The kind of world that we live in, there are plenty of outside factors that can cause damage to our hair. While we might be out looking for the best solutions for hair problems, the problem might be as simple as the pollution outside. These days, there are plenty of pollutants that can stick to your hair when you step out and cause major damage. Moreover, the ultraviolet rays of the sun are also not the best of friends for your hair – it is important that you take good care of your hair, while stepping out and provide it necessary protection, such as a scarf or a hat.

5. Lifestyle – This is perhaps the biggest factor contributing to hair loss these days – whether it is the excess of chemical based products that we apply in our hair, in the name of styling or it is the usage of extreme heat to make our hair look a certain way, we are inviting trouble. Moreover, our habits are often not conducive to hair growth – whether its smoking or high alcohol consumption or the lack of a proper diet; all these can cause hair loss. In addition, if you have a high stress level high stress level or are not getting enough sleep, you could see the result of it all on your hair brush or towel!

The best solutions for hair problems often lies in the problem itself – unless it a hereditary or genetic condition, the solution is mostly quite obvious. If it is the sun that is damaging your hair, cover it with a loose scarf; are you losing hair because you are using too many styling products, simply reduce the usage. Tight hair styles might look nice, but if they are leading to hair loss, would it not be sensible to avoid the same?

If you too are facing hair loss, it would be prudent to visit a hair expert and get yourself checked out!

Author's Bio: 

This article was written by Dr. Kapil Dua, a hair restoration expert & co-founder of AK Clinics. He loves to help people get their hair back and keep it healthy all the way.