Marketing campaigns can make or break a business. The success of the campaign depends upon how well it connects with the target prospects. On reaching the right audience, campaigns can create wonders for your brand by giving it the required visibility. However, marketing mistakes, on the other hand, can play havoc with your business, resulting in excessive losses and other expenditures.

Here are the top 6 mistakes that businesses make that should be avoided in order to attain maximum reach and success of your marketing campaigns:

  1. Not reaching the right audience due to lack of research
    Marketing research is an inevitable part while devising a new advertising strategy or campaign. It helps in determining the results and performance of your marketing efforts. However, often marketers commit a mistake of looking for potential customer in anyone. Having a defined target audience is vital for the effectiveness and success of your marketing endeavours. Different set of audiences respond to different mediums and approaches of marketing.
    For instance, if you want to target the younger audience, newspapers may prove ineffective and therefore, the focus should be on designing campaigns for internet marketing.
  2. Failing to seize repeat consumers
    In the race to capture new customers, marketers tend to ignore the present ones. What marketers need to keep in mind is that 80% of the sales is driven by existing customers and the rest 20% by new customers. When you flunk in reselling to your present consumer base, it leads to adverse effect on your goodwill and profits.
  3. Ineffective management of social networks
    Social media is increasingly becoming one of the most effective tools in the hands of a marketer. However, maintaining your social networking is a crucial aspect. Having too many social networks without adequate content can do more harm than good. Therefore, marketers are required to practice diligence to make the best use of this medium. Consistency is the key to obtain maximum benefit out of your brand’s digital spaces. Posting regular posts with quality content can take your brand to heights of success.
  4. Not making your business stand out from the competitors
    It is necessary for marketers to project their brand as unique and distinct when compared to the competitors. It is a general tendency that marketing strategies that work for one brand are replicated by other brands. This makes your brand being overlooked by your target customers, giving your competitors an edge over your brand. A thorough market research to identify your competitors and their strategies can help you plan something exclusive for your brand. When you know the strength and weaknesses of your brand and your competitor’s, you can position your brand in a better manner.
  5. Not seeking professional help for marketing
    Whether you are a new entrant or have an established business, hiring a professional advertising agency can give a new dimension to your marketing goals. It provides integrated solutions to all the promotional and advertising requirements of your brand lending it the required visibility among its target audience.
  6. Not paying attention to feedback
    A large chunk of companies do not pay attention to the feedback of their customers. By this way, they lose out to a vast segment of their loyal as well as their new consumer base. Social media is an effective medium to take feedbacks and maintain a direct contact with the clientele. When a business listens to the feedback and responds to the suggestions or comments of the customers, it gains trust and builds a lasting goodwill.
  7. Bottom line
    Designing marketing campaigns is a critical aspect for every business. When a thorough research is undertaken followed by an effective strategy that hits the right audience, your brand can go a long way. But, many a times strategies fail or prove ineffective due to different reasons, which gives rise to the need of a competent advertising agency that can research, plan and implement the right marketing strategies for your brand.

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