Why do quite a few adult males keep puting on the brakes with regards to marriage? Are all men in fact fearful of getting married?

One thing that never ceases to astonish a gal is when the guy she's been going steady with for a long time, still isn't wanting to get married. A good number of women commence to suppose that they don't seem to be good enough for marriage, yet, fellows see it a different way.

Here are the top 7 incentives for why many guys avoid marriage.

1 He's not prepared to give up his freedom

He's just not ready yet.

He's not willing to lose freedom over his favorite foods, because he assumes his honey will surely fix those healthy meals that taste like soot.

He's not ready to monkey around the house and help out in the kitchen instead of going to play poker with his cronies.

Who wants to mope around with a miserable, hormonally driven, PMS-ing wife on Superbowl weekend?

This may be a hard pill to swallow, but it's probably best to wait it out if he's not ready yet for all the responsibility that goes hand and hand with marriage. The last thing you want to do is force him into it.

2 He's been listening to horror stories

His best friend got hitched and now the poor hombre's chained to an uncontrollable nagging machine.

A couple of the guys he hangs around with are either separated or witnessing marriage problems and incredibly close to it.

And then, there's that close friend who knows a guy, who knows one other guy's uncle whose messed up union spurred him to go nuts.

3 He's got other pursuits

Some guys need to complete a few courses in college or graduate first. Others could very well like to acquire a promotion at work or successfully begin a small business of his own before settling down.

Yet a certain amount of fellows desire to be financially comfortable enough to fork over money for their own home and/or more properties.

Although your fella may imagine that marriage will divert his plans, you have to feel pretty good when you conider that he's getting ready for the long term. Even if your wedding is not priority one for right now.

4 He's coping with ghosts from his past

If his mom and dad got a divorce when he was a child, he might very well have had a tough time growing up with a broken family. On the flip side, he may have been married once prior to now and it ended in an ugly divorce.

This type of stuff may cause a great deal of trauma for any body. He would possibly not admit it, but if this is in fact the issue, talking to a counselor or therapist could be the ticket to help your guy straighten out his issues.

5 He doesn't wish to have just one particular sex partner for evermore

Yeah, periodically you'll have that.

Lots of men find a way to get through this way of thinking and have very successful marriages, but other folks just can't work up the nerve to face this milestone as yet.

6 He's afraid that he may not measure up

Ladies see marriage as a magical a requirement of terminating all their fear.

Haplessly, this can be the sort of viewpoint that spooks the heck out of fellows. They're frightened that they will possibly not measure up, feeling that he won't have the means to make her uncertainty magically disappear.

The truth be known, females have their own individual unresolved concerns such as daddy issues, temper tantrums and charge card debts, and the like.

Here's the gist of it, women folk are mislead by the idea that marriage is the answer, but males are aware that it doesn't work out that way.

7 He's not absolutely clear on his gender preferences

One foolproof justification for why some fellows evade marriage is often because he can't decide if he prefers a wife or a husband. Or possibly he wants to spend the rest of his life being single, so he can stay with both.

Let's face it, now more than ever, men are popping out of the old closet after many years of being in relationships with women. What are ya goin' to do?

Now that you know the top 7 incentives for why many guys avoid marriage, what comes next is to uncover how to get your beau to commit, still.

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