Men are known to at times avoid the dressing and fashion sense especially when it comes to formal boots or simply ‘boots’. Some rules shall be followed to make the best impact on others' minds and affect their sense of styling up. Rule one is to know what all options are available with you or when you are out shopping, make sure you do not buy a similar pair. Pair the trousers very precisely matching with your boots, for example, dress boots do not match well with formal trousers. The right trouser length matters as well, generally the trouser hems should graze the top of the boot, as it is called the perfect length to be. That means the hem should be 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch above the ground level. The boots are mainly counted under casual but they can be worn as formal boots too, all you need to know is when and where what kind of boots to wear with what pieces of clothing. Choose the correct colour to match your attire, boots are commonly black and brown. Matching your boots with other types of leather accessories you are wearing. Size matters, if you are wearing smaller boots avoid baggy trousers or jeans and vice-versa.

Ankle boots look stunning. Ankle boots are similar to normal boots but they reach till the ankle length. Formal boots can be styled in a way that they are suited for every occasion, formal or casual too. Dressier ankle boots are worn at formal events and go well with suits or skinny jeans. However, check for the elevated height of the boots before buying. Semi-formal ankle boots can be used for attending casual meetings and also for normal office working days. Its sleek and subtle look very well complement the professional look. These are similar to the dressier boots as they too give that all-day comfort and ease to move around. Leather boots are easier to maintain than the rugged cloth ones as these are simple and easy to clean and polish.

One of the most attractive benefits of wearing ankle formal boots is that they suit every body type. Tall or short, thin or heavy, ankle boots suit well with anyone and they provide great comfort even for longer hours. Choose the right pair by looking yourself in the mirror wearing them, if it suits you and is successful in flattering your body type, then go for it and carry the bill with you. There are various ways to enhance your style and dressing, go through these sources and learn what is best.

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