Many people are brought into network marketing because they are sold a dream of working for yourself, making vast amounts of money for very little effort and having much more time off than in the corporate world.

Whilst, this is the truth for about 10% of people in the network marketing industry, for the vast majority, it is not the case. Disillusionment runs high in the industry as many people struggle to make money and end up going back to work for someone else.

The first huge mistake that beginners make, is that they completely under-estimate how many people they are going to have to talk to in order to succeed. Network marketing is a people business and requires that you communicate with a huge number of people. People buy from people they know and trust. This applies to the network marketing industry as well. If you do not connect with the right people often enough, you will not find it easy to make money in network marketing.

The second big mistake that beginners make is procrastination. They learn all about the products, the company and the opportunity, but they do not pick up the phone and talk. Fear of rejection is a big hurdle to climb over and many do not accomplish this. No calls, no leads. As with any business, it is really important to take action and engage in activities that will generate revenue.

The third mistake that many network marketers make is that they do not set goals, and so therefore, they cannot achieve them. If you do not have goals, then it is very difficult to measure your achievements or success, and it is easy to lose focus. Set yourself goals for the first ten appointments, the first one hundred calls, the first ten sales, and measure your performance against these goals.

It is not possible to succeed in a home based business unless you work hard to establish a foundation upon which you can build. It can take a while before results start coming in, but you need to always be prospecting.

Network marketing is a very rewarding industry if you are learning how to succeed from people that have already succeeded. It is a billion dollar business, which shows that it is possible to do extremely well if you know what to do. Follow those that have already succeeded, and earn the income that you deserve.

Written by Caroline Nettle

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