Travelling around the world is among those pleasures that recently outgrow as a popular trend. Among many other things, we are thankful for the current progression in the mobile era, as for technology evolves the travel industry and streamline the process from A to Z, including booking tickets to searching the right travel partner.

Presently, businesses understand that tourists are an ideal target audience with the potential to bring good profits. And, to reap huge profits you don't need to open a physical store, just think about online presence - "A Travel App".

In the meantime, while you think about the app development in Dubai, UAE, and other parts of the world, I will give you a couple of ideas for choosing the right team of developers for your project's undefeatable success and offering the most promising travel app.

But, the unanswered question still remains there “Where to start”?

If you are a rookie to the app development, then you need to partner with the most trusted and experienced team of mobile app developers in Dubai to make your project a successful reality of today.

So, you probably start with legwork to find the best talent for your project.

Even, if you have created an app in the past, chances are you might slump to the loopholes that make your development journey a nightmare.

Don’t worry! This guide is here to help you, with every know-how of the successful project development. But, being right and blue is not as easy as it may appear.

Numerous elements play a vital role in funnelling down the list of best app development companies. Ensure, you don’t turn a blind eye to any of the crucial parameters, or the worse can be, the final product developed didn’t match up with your expectations.

Truthfully, I have seen this happen countless times. But, with the right guidance and dedicated team of developers, the tedious job results in a groundbreaking solution. So, here are the top-most app development companies paving their way into the top10 mobile app development companies in Dubai, UAE.

And, finally, after evaluating the firms on the crucial parameters, and analyzing their potential along with the willingness to match footstep with emerging technologies have outshined them to be your ideal development partner.

Let’s unfurl the critical aspects of defining a trusted and savvy-experienced firm:

The accumulative growth rate accompanied by a high client retention rate.

Exclusive portfolio reviews by visiting their own website.

Client’s testimonials and feedback from reliable and trusted B2B platforms like Clutch, Glassdoor, and GoodFirms.

Google and trusted B2B platform ratings and reviews with organic ranking analysis.

The capability to match the latest technology stack.

The recommendations & reference check with global delivery abilities

Xicom Technologies

Founded In: 2002
Location: USA, India and Dubai
Employees: 350+
Price: $25-49/hr

All unique and industry-oriented prerequisites of your project meet at the most trusted, affordable and experienced app development company like Xicom Technologies. Their experts abide to gratify their clients with unparalleled IT solutions that hold a high ROI in the present business verticals.

Also, Xicom is a leading and trusted technology partner with potential to unfurl the distinctive business nook while yearning to “Inspire The Next”.

Also, their development team acts as a catalyst in your app development process to take your business to new heights. Xicom’s best-in-class app development in Dubai, India and the USA make them an ideal fit of expertise and innovation in crafting future-ready apps.

Lastly, their dedicated team is well-versed with emerging technologies accompanied by enriched experience in building innovative and customized solutions. All the services offered make Xicom hot pick globally for the undefeatable success of your project.

Services Offered: Mobile app development (Android and iOS), custom software development, cross-platform app development, web app development, E-commerce development with IT consultation and testing, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Cloud Computing, IoT.

2. DOIT Software

Founded In: 2014
Location: Boston and Dubai
Employees: 10+
Price: $50-99/hr

DOIT Software is an entrusted company that continuously strives to create unique and dynamic solutions for an extensive range of technology companies at different aspects of their product lifecycle. Their mobile app developers in Dubai makes DOIT Software your development partner for sustainable growth.

The company is known to provide out-of-the-box technical solutions. Some are listed below:

They offer building of customized web and mobile app along with software solutions starting from scratch. The firm accelerates the client’s development process to bring an idea into an operational reality for your business.

2. IT Staff Augmentation helps the firm hire the right resource with vast experience, high motivation, and a proactive approach all set to imply their expertise for the project’s success.

Services Offered: Mobile app development (iOS and Android), IT Staff Augmentation, CRM Consulting and SI and Custom Software Development

3. TechAhead

Founded In: 2009
Employees: 100+
Price: $125-149/hr

Established in 2009, TechAhead consists of a team of 150 professionals dwelling with more than a decade experience in developing and deploying groundbreaking, robust and scalable web and mobile apps at the speed of innovation.

Besides, in an already established digital hierarchy, “TechAhead” is an epitome choice in the array of mobile app development companies in the UAE, India and the USA. Their professional excerpts in creating mobile apps and platforms that are the hot pick of established companies and startups.

Right from ideation to completion, their innovative-driven strategy, design, development, architecture, and maintenance service provides clients to focus on their business while partnering as your right fit for all technical constraints.

Services Offered: Mobile app development (Android and iOS), web app development, UX/UI design, Blockchain, and Artificial Intelligence

4. MindSea
Founded In: 2007
Location: Dubai and Canada
Employees: 100+
Price: $100-149/hr

“MindSea” is a firm nothing less than the best. It’s an experienced choice among leading and trusted mobile app development companies in Dubai that strive to deliver excellent, interactive, and informative mobile and web apps. The apps developed by their experts are usually featured by Apple and are rated by over one million users across the globe.

Also, MindSea’s inventive and innovative thinking and approach are collaborative and multidisciplinary with their team of strategy experts, business analysis, design, coders, project management, and quality assurance professionals. All in all, their team consists of creative, critical thinkers responsible for handling new requirements and interacting well with their counterparts in clients firms.

Services Offered: Digital Strategy, Mobile app development (iOS and Android), UX/UI design, web app development

5. Applify

Founded In: 2014
Location: India and USA
Employees: 150+
Price: $ 125-149/hr

Stepping ahead with the trusted app development company in Dubai accelerate your projects towards unskippable success with Applify. The firm is known for their avant-garde designs that come along with a savvy-experienced development team, a trained & accredited product manager, and importantly a marketing expert with a strategic business consultant and own Technical head - all under one umbrella.

Moreover, Applify is one of the top mobile app development agencies with its offices in the UK, US, UAE, Qatar, Singapore & India. The team at Applify thrives on its design and outsourced product superiority as opposed to its competitors.

Services Offered: Android app development, iOS app development, web design, UX/UI design

6. Promatics Technology
Founded In: 2008
Location: USA and India
Employees: 50+
Price: <$125/hr

Promatics Technology is a pioneering choice in the space of top app development companies in Dubai with stepping footsteps in the web app world. With a skilled and seasoned team of app developers and designers, they adhere to build a strong foundation of the web and mobile app development with a rich-expertise, experience and optimizing interactions along with delivery models.

So, whether it’s business analysis, UI/UX, development or Quality Analysis, the firm offers you unparalleled service by their experts following a customer-centric approach for each and every aspect. Moreover, they adhere to gratifying excellent web and mobile apps, acting as a magnet for today’s businesses.

Services Offered: E-commerce development, mobile app development (Android and iOS), Web app development

7. RightPoint

Founded In: 2007
Location: USA
Employees: 250+
Price: $150-199/hr

RightPoint is a globally renowned name for a Genpact firm with cementing its footstep since 2007 in the space of the leading app development companies in Dubai, UAE to many parts of the USA. Also, it's a lifetime experience firm for building innovative and out-of-box digital solutions.

The impeccable design and end-to-end developers expertise proffer a helping hand to consumers to match up with the speed of innovation. Besides, RightPoint caters to more than 250 Fortune 1000 firms and SMEs and has crafted a place as one of Crain'sCrain's 50 Fastest emerging firms in Chicago for consecutive four years.

Lately, Rightpoint has 250 dedicated professionals in their team across ten offices that curate them a niche among other established firms to hire app developers.

Services Offered: Mobile App Development (Android and iOS), web development, UX/UI design, Innovation and emerging technologies.

8. HyperLink Info System

Founded In: 2011
Location: India and Dubai
Employees: 150+
Price: $125-149/hr

Established in 2011, Hyperlink InfoSystem, with it's a talented, resourceful and savvy-experienced team of proficient developers create dynamic, robust IT solutions without breaking your pocket. Especially for the clients across the globe, their exclusive array of service craft their way as the entrusted mobile app development company. Their team firmly adheres to deliver services without compromising on time or quality.

Also, Hyperlink Infosystem is a top choice among the popular providers of app development in Dubai with an experienced armour of service to hire app developers. The firm is known for the professional paradigms closely structured in such a way to offer more acquirable results and outcomes for whole dimensions of businesses across the specific domains.

Services Offered: CRM Consulting and SI, ERP consulting and SI, Android mobile app development, iOS mobile app development.

9. itCraft

Founded In: 2010
Location: Dubai and USA
Employees: 50+
Price: $ 200-250/hr

itCraft is an experienced firm with the most skilled and talented resources under their name. The search for a reliable and trusted solution to meet up your project requirement in the hierarchy of the best mobile app development companies in the dubai, other parts of the USA comes to a stand at itCraft. Their team’s dedication and passion led them to a place among the pioneers of the technology space, delivering mobile innovation to businesses across the globe since 2010.

itCraft takes immense pride in its comprehensive software production services to keep a high client retention rate.

Services Offered: Mobile app development (Android/iOS), web app development, UX/UI design, custom software development.

10. Mobomo
Founded In: 2007
Location:USA and Dubai
Employees: 50+
Price: $ 125-149/hr

Mobomo is a trusted choice in the arena of IT service providers that emerge as one of the reliable options if you are funnelling for the experienced app developers in Dubai. Their team is round-the-clock ready to strive for discovery much more than merely opting notes, and getting clients queries answered.

Their customer-centric approach, followed by techno-geeks at Mobomo earned them a place among the top ten app development companies for driving projects forward.

Their agile methodologies seem more of a guided process, a slew of techniques and astounding digital insights that minimize the risks and compile projects into operational perspective quickly.

Services Offered: custom software development, web development, UX/UI design, mobile app development.

In The End… It will be undeniable to say that on-demand app industry has outgrown their presence and popularity with technological advancements. And, to help you and your business accelerate at an unmatchable speed in the present scenario, it’s foremost to hire the team of professional and pioneer app developers in Dubai to bring your thought into the real world.

So, ready to create your own app?

Start with your Free Project Estimation or ask the experts in detail about creating a mobile trip planner app as per your project unique and industry-oriented requirements.

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