Nobody who owns a junk car is thinking that they are in an ideal situation. They don’t look at it from time to time and think of how proud they are to own their junk car. The reality is very different. They are instead plotting and planning on some way to get that junk car out of their life. One way to do that is to sell it to an auto dismantling company. They will take the vehicle in question to pieces and sell the parts. Check out four common myths busted to scrap your car.
They will offer you less than the car is worth in parts and materials so they can make a profit. If you want to make the most cash, you should take some parts off the car and sell them yourself first. Then sell the rest of the vehicle to the auto wreckers. Fortunately there are parts that are easy to remove with the most basic of tools.
So with that said what are the most valuable parts on a car? Let’s find out!
Car Sound System
These components are varied in value. The default stereo that a car comes with when bought brand new won’t be as valuable as one that is bought separately. That is due to their basic nature. However, another person may be after a basic unit so it is still worth it to sell. If the stereo is of the custom variety you will get much more!
GPS System
These are so incredibly useful and full of the latest technology that it is no wonder they are in hot demand. That is why they are very valuable. It goes without saying that using a cell phone to navigate is dangerous. Using something that is mounted and hands free is the safe route to take. If your car has broken down permanently but the GPS is fine, take it out and sell it.
Car Battery
It may be strange to think that a car battery is very valuable but it is. As long as it is in good condition and is nearly full of juice, selling it will give you a nice amount of money. You don’t need a whole lot of expertise or skills to remove a battery. The tools you will need will be rudimentary tools too.
Tyres and Rims
The task of removing tyres demands a wee bit more elbow grease than the previous parts. You also need some specialised tools. Mainly the jack that will be needed to lift the car wheel off the ground to remove it. However, it will be worth it if the tyres are in a healthy condition. This means that they aren’t bald or seriously cracked. If your vehicle is of the larger variety such as a truck or SUV, the tyres could be quite valuable.
Sell to an Auto Dismantlers
If your car is unfortunately never going to drive again, don’t worry. Selling it is easy. Your local auto wrecking company will pay you a handsome amount of cash! On the other hand, you will be contributing towards the green environment friendly recycling. Find out the importance of auto parts recycling for our environment.

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