United Kingdom is one of the places on this planet that one cannot keep away from being associated with the rich history and an air of classicism. Wine is one of the things that keeps on growing better just like the history of a place keeps on becoming more and more fascinating as the years pass. Luckily, for the wine lovers, United Kingdom has a long history and tradition of UK vineyards.

The history of wine production in England dates back to the earliest days of the after Christ years. The Romans were the first to grow the grapes and produce wine in the region. The tradition enriched and diversified in the next 1100 years and in the mid of the 12th century, foreign made wine began to be sold in the region. This trend led to the closing of the vineyards and it was only reintroduced in the 20th century.

In the present day, there are a number of great vineyards in the United Kingdom that maintain the old world charm and the same time a equipped with world class modern facilities and no doubt that British Wine producers produce some of the finest types on wines around the world.

One of the most fascinating wines types to have emerged in the recent past and has managed to gather a good following in the sparkling wine. Many believe that the Carr Taylor vineyards produce the best sparkling wine in the United Kingdom. This place is located in a sheltered valley with rich soil and in an historic and scenic setting.

Besides this, there are other important vineyards in the region. Here is a small list of them:
1. Three Choirs: One of the most awarded vineyards. Located in a serene natural setting in Gloucestershire. Wine tours are also available.
2. Biddenden: One of the oldest in the Kent County. It is located near the Leeds castle. It also provides free tasting and tours. One can also witness the wine making process and facility.
3. Llanerch: Located in Glamorgan and known for a complete Vineyard experience that includes the dining and accommodation along with cooking classes and tasting.

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