Like many people I was watching the television in disbelief last night and this morning as the full horror of the outrages in Norway have unfolded. Is it my imagination or do these events seem to be happening more regularly around the globe?

Evil is evil wherever it manifests itself and this is the worst evil imaginable and if both the killings on the island are connected to the bombings in Oslo then what kind of evil, cruel, twisted mind can even dream this up never mind perpetrate the acts. Will we ever understand these minds? It doesn't seem that long ago we were trying to fathom out the contorted mind of the Cumbrian killer in the UK. We all will have our own theories and I can only add to the pool of thought.

Programmes on Television are becoming ever more violent and when we had Luther shown on the BBC recently I thought this was a particularly violent episode. In one scene the twisted killer went into an office and shot indiscriminately killing many people. Even as a piece of drama this turned my stomach and I wonder just how far programme makers will take such events and bring them into our daily lives. Of course we all have the final decision about turning our own TV set on or off. However, we don't enjoy the same luxury of controlling the on off switch in everyone's home.If someone is raging inside about a certain issue s/he will be looking for ways to express that anger. It might be someone who is a member of an outraged community. The TV will be giving ideas as much to those people as it does to others.

Video games have been constantly highlighted as another area where twisted minds can become embroiled in atrocities. You see many people transfixed in front of their screens gleefully killing many people as they reach the next level of their games. I have seen many people change their personalities as they become ever deeper embroiled in the different levels of their psycho games. I'm sorry. I'm probably going to be thought of as a fuddy duddy but nevertheless I believe these games are having an influence on behaviour at many levels all across the globe.These areas need deeper attention.

Finally, and another theme I have developed over the years, many songs have violence and sex in their verses being sung by young and old across the world. I have written about these songs and if you think I am exaggerating then please read my recent articles on this site. If Paul McKenna's DVD can subliminally help me overcome the fear of flying then words to songs can have adverse affects likewise. My recent rant was against sexual connotations but there are many violent rapping songs around.

These terrible events are seemingly accelerating and urgent action is needed. Money is often deep at the heart of these issues and the world is still reeling from the effects of this terrible recession. Money, although important, cannot be looked at in isolation.Programme makers will always make their money by selling programmes. Can we not find alternatives to violence and sex? If we cannot then we must control what are acceptable levels in video games and dramas on TV and films.

My thoughts today are with the people of Norway and I hope our collective thoughts and prayers will help them at this extremely sad time

Author's Bio: 

Vince is a teacher by qualification but has a diploma in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy which is useful in trying to understand such events. He has a BA in Recreation and the Community and a B. Phil(Ed) which helps in the understanding of how people learn and how they might apply their learning. As a parent of three boys he applied his own experiences as a parent to the Youth Training Schemes he operated in Cornwall. His teaching career is across the ages and he is currently living and studying in Spain developing ideas through his podcasts.