The Trappings of External Wealth and Conditional Love

We can absolutely have anything and everything we desire in this life, but if our self worth or happiness depends on having it, then we are attached to it. Anything we are attached to has the power to manipulate or control us. We are no longer sovereign beings. Without realizing it, we have given our authentic power away to something outside of us. In essence, we are simply puppets on strings when we allow ourselves to become attached to anything or anyone outside ourselves.

The universe can be likened to a soup of energy. There are waves of energy swirling and moving all around us. Like attracts like, and certain energies repel. Certain people in this big cauldron of energy are actually corded together. These energetic cords between them bind them as they pull and tug against the other in mental, emotional, and physical ways that keep them trapped in unconscious cycles of limitation and dependency. Cords are formed when two people have unresolved issues between them. This is why it is so important to embrace the power of forgiveness and acceptance. Every time we have thoughts or speak words of anger, resentment, jealousy, fear, hurt, envy, greed, or judgment toward another, we create a cord that binds us to that individual. That tiny thread attaches to them and keeps us bound together energetically. Occasional thoughts will dissolve, but consistent negative thoughts and emotions directed at someone will bind us together with them until the cords are released. How does this happen? How do we release these heavy cords of attachment? This happens with genuine forgiveness and unconditional love and acceptance. Without the conscious intention to heal ourselves from the inside-out, we remain corded and attached to anyone with whom we have unresolved issues.

We can also be attached to things. Negative energy such as greed, envy, and pride can attach us to intangible objects such as cars, houses, jobs or bank accounts. These are the “trappings of wealth.” These things can keep us trapped in a world of competition and ego attachment. This leads to fleeting, and eventual empty success and hollow victories that never fulfill or satisfy the soul. As long as we seek security and happiness in external things, we will continue to search for it because it will elude us. Happiness only comes from within. Any joy that stems from external attachments will always be fleeting and temporary. Once the initial ego excitement subsides, we will seek out something else to fill the void. It becomes an endless cycle that doesn’t come to an end until we realize (real eyes) that true fulfillment and joy is a result of self acceptance, unconditional love (for ourselves and others.) The source of this happiness resides within us, not outside of us. This is one of our greatest challenges in life. Once mastered, the rewards are priceless.

When we actively strive for non-attachment, we put ourselves on the direct pathway to authentic success and happiness. When our sense of self is detached from status, finance, or emotional desperation and need, we set the stage for soul fulfillment. Let me make it clear that there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a beautiful home or nice things or even a relationship grounded in deep connection. However, if we need that home or need that object or that person to make ourselves feel worthy, secure, or prove our status, it becomes a trapping. We can enjoy a beautiful home, nice things, or a wonderful relationship if we are not dependent upon it for our happiness. Neediness leads to attachment and co-dependent relationships that rise and fall like a emotional roller-coaster that never seems to end. Attachment = conditional love. We all deserve more than that. Our soul craves balance, centeredness, unconditional love, and acceptance of others and ourselves. That is our birthright. It is up to us to embrace it.

When we love unconditionally, we allow those we love to be free and to be themselves in the most authentic way possible. We have no desire to control, manipulate, or direct their behavior. If we need and require someone to behave and act in a particular way, then it is not love we are offering them. We are only offering attachment. The trappings of attachment can be released with genuine acceptance. Love and forgiveness dissolve cords of attachment. Shame and guilt bind us to past memories that hold us back. True liberation is known when we release any and all cords that keep us bound to anything outside ourselves. When we accept others without trying to change or mold them into something else, they will naturally reveal their greatness to us. This begins with self acceptance. Once we accept ourselves, we naturally accept those around us. When the people in our lives feel free and accepted, their best qualities shine through with ease. All the qualities we would ever want in a partner are revealed effortlessly when we stop judging or forcing others to be something different. In the beautiful space of acceptance and love, magic happens.

If we truly desire freedom and inner peace, it all begins with detachment. Once we let go of any need to control our circumstances or the people around us while simultaneously letting go of any requirements we have of others that hold the power to dictate our happiness, we put ourselves in the drivers seat of our lives and we free ourselves from the trappings of external wealth and conditional love. Make this your intention and watch as your life magically transforms into a state of grace and harmony.

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