A true medium is a mediator between man and the universal collective consciousness know as God. Some psychics are only out for material gain and even if they do have some power within them, their behavior can become a distraction in varies ways while a reading is being given to you. An enlightened medium's passion is for the uplifting of all of humanity. Seeing how to make a quick profit is never on the mind of any spiritually in tune reader. As you read this article you will learn how to see fraudulent work from afar. A mastered medium cares not of things of the world because he or she has mastery over materialism attachment.

Think about, everything you can touch physically you didn't enter this world with. And when you make your transition (or have passed on) you will leave everything behind that you can physically touch. So why make any attachment to the material? It is the non-tangible things that we do take with us through death as well as the type of connections we had to our love ones. A fully developed mediums with not hunger for fame or recognition nor will they seek to prove anything to anyone to show off how powerful they are. A mastery medium can even be insulted, slandered, falsely accused, and be lied on and they will be able to take it without losing their composer. How? Because a real medium knows them self within, this is the reason they are able to MASTER their emotions, and NOT mask their emotion. You want a medium to ascend above the storms of life to bring you the valuable information that can positively change the course of your life or even bring together a broken family. A real medium do not think of evil and a false psychic will use fear to get your attention, you must watch for this.

A medium finds the potential of peace and happiness within every being. Being a mediator is a great responsible and a mastered medium fully understands the business transactions of karma. They understand that there is good karma and bad karma and will tend to help their clients balance this out so their clients can move on from past traumas, phobias, and etc. When you are able to understand what a Medium is you will realize maybe it's your destiny to become this type of medium. You must make the first step. A step is a step big or small as long it's going to give you the empowerment to improve your state in life.

Author's Bio: 

Mrs. Martha “Silver Thunder” S. is an influential spiritual teacher, medium, healer, and an graduate of the school of mediumship and psychology where she receive training from varies grandmasters. Silver Thunder is well known for her charismatic, authentic, and loving persona. She has lectured at different group meetings, churches, and she counsels’ people from all over the United States. She first noticed her spiritual ability at a young age. Growing up in a spiritual family where both her parents & siblings also processed different abilities she was guided by her mother on how to master her gifts at an early age. For many years she used her gifts to help many people and became very well known for helping people solve unresolved problems. Silver Thunder has helped countless people empower themselves to strive toward fulfillment while giving insight to increase their prosperity as well as solutions to worn down relationship. She also want to continue helping people find purpose and meaning in their life.

Silver Thunder’s views of life is based upon her spiritual experiences and spiritual teachings. Her sole purpose for this site is to uplift and do her part with the gifts she was blessed with. We have to ask our self what is success? Is a big house? Is it having lots of money? These types of things will only bring you temporary happiness. Think of your favorite food and then try eating it every day and see what would happen. It will not be your favorite food any more. Silver Thunder is in the business of not only bringing you answers, but guiding you to your peak potential of happiness. Here at Seekers of Knowledge we believe success is good health (certain diet changes can go a long way.), energy and enthusiasm about life (break the routine and get out of the same rut is key.), fulfilling relationship, Creative Freedom, Emotional and Psychological Stability, and Peace of mind.