Visual Carriers

Your thoughts are more powerful than you think.

In order for your thoughts to manifest in the real world they need from you a visual cue or reminder. In other words I know you have hope and dreams or goals all you have to do is attach your thoughts or goals to something that you can touch or see in real life.

Let me explain further. You have a thought or dream correct? You have visually visualize an image or picture in your head or what you’re going to achieve in life; this could be a house, car, success etc.

The second part to this you have find a picture or object of any nature and attach with is your thought and desires. Every time you hold this picture or object in your hand it will constantly remind you of what it is you need to accomplish in life.

For some this may be a crazy idea but you can use your imagination as well but to be honest the biggest tool you have when you are in self doubt is having something in physical form to help you believe, experience and manifest.

Tip of the day what helps is having powerful images or objects where you can attach strong emotional feelings to it. The stronger the feeling you have to obtain and feel your goal the closer you will get to finding a plan for getting there.

For example, have you happen to desire a certain type of car and the more you see it drive past you there are times when it seems you’re attracting it towards you. Well you are attracting it. The more you see it, feel it the closer to you the closer you will get it. The object of choice could be a small toy resembling it or a photo of it in your pocket.

The real trick is this. In a certain way it motivates you to think about certain solutions for you to live that experience. Your mind will go nuts thinking and thinking and the more you do it, the universe or your soul will give you the answer you’re in search for.

This is the part where you have to be patient. Things will not manifest on their own in a short period of time but if you wish for them to be, they could. You just have to truly invest thought; the higher or intense feeling you have about this thought means the closer you’re getting to reaching your goal.

Do not let your emotions disappear. Once you have that feeling and you feel it keep making it stronger the most difficult part you might have is practicing this everyday. For things to manifest in your life you need to have a strong urge to experience it.

Author's Bio: 

Ricardo Ortiz is a clinical therapist and entrepreneur.