“I have stretch marks.” It’s hard to even mouth the words, but a lot of women (and some men) are affected by the condition. Amazingly, stretch mark is not solely caused by the over-stretching of the skin like what most people believe it is. Majority of people pinpoint certain causes of stretch marks like pregnancy and weight gain wherein the skin tend to expand to make room for the baby or the person’s larger frame. The association of the condition to the over-expansion of the skin is so strong that its name is coined after it. As much as this misperception is still predominant, it is best to the major and true stretch mark causes. Having adequate knowledge about these contributors is beneficial so as to make the right action in terms of erasing the unsightly streaks.

Stretch Mark Cause #1. Hormone
Hormones are the genuine cause of stretch mark. The production and metabolism of hormones fluctuate in parallel to weight gain or weight loss. Fat and cholesterol is in resemblance to the hormone that affects its storage and circulation. This hormone production disruption eventually takes its toll on the skin, producing the distinct reddish dermal lesions which turn white over time.

Stretch Mark Cause #2. Application of Topical Corticosteroid Cream
This stretch mark cause has been proven by experts by means of laboratory test. It was seen that stretch mark can be artificially developed less the weight gain factor by merely applying strong doses of corticosteroid creams. Like the hormones in the body, steroids induce the proliferation of stretch marks by disrupting circulation. This is another proof that stretch marks are not generally and solely attributed to the “stretching” of the skin.

Stretch Mark Cause #3. Weight Gain and Pregnancy
During the episodes of pregnancy and weight gain, the body’s metabolism function is disrupted that the way fat and blood is circulated is likewise affected. Hormonal production also fluctuates eventually affecting the skin’s metabolic rate. While, stretching does occur when the skin expands during pregnancy, weight gain, and muscle building, there’s actually more of the real action that happens in the deeper layers of the skin. The superficial streaks are just the result of the disruption that happens underneath.

Stretch mark is prevalent in certain areas of the body where hormonal influence is concentrated like the hips, thighs, breasts, abdominal areas, and the upper arms. The aforementioned causes of stretch marks are researched by experts to give true light to the root cause of the problem, so the right solution can be formulated. In the end, what causes stretch marks are not just the hormones that disrupt metabolism, but it is our way of living and diet. Why? It is because these two gravely affects hormone production.

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In the fight for stretch marks removal, delving deep into its root causes is helpful in formulating the right solution. In contrast to what most believe, the causes of stretch marks are more than just the mere stretching of the skin associated with weight gain and pregnancy. This article enumerates three root causes of stretch marks that experts have recently come up with.