Would you like to learn to channel the messages of your angels? You can do this with just a little time and practice.

When you read the word channeling, what does this mean to you? The term means different things to different people. To me, it means being an open recipient to the messages of higher souls.

There are many ways of channeling. To some in the new age community, only one way of channeling exists. The belief is that a medium will go into trance and have a high soul communicate through this person's vocal cords. The medium has no memory of the time passed if they are in a full trance, or they are in a semi-trance with some consciousness of what is happening. Their voice and mannerisms shift as the soul communicates through them.

This type of trance channeling can certainly be a way of bringing forth the messages of Spirit. However, it is very important to clarify who is being channeled. There are many souls without bodies gravitating around Planet Earth and not all of them are what we would call "high souls" or D Zone souls. D Zone souls have graduated from Planet Earth. These souls become our spiritual helpers on earth.

There are also C Zone and B Zone souls around the Earth Plane (A Zone). These are souls who have had a physical body, but have since passed on. They have not reached the level of mastery of Planet Earth yet. They are stuck in concepts of competition, glory, or they are simply confused and stuck. Some of these souls believe they have had enough experience on Planet Earth and they are ready to teach those of us with bodies here on Planet Earth.

They think they are ready to tell us what to do, but the truth is they have not graduated from Planet Earth yet. They need more lifetimes and more experience in the physical plane to master themselves. They don't want to admit that though, and by their own free will they remain stuck.

In order to try to be of service, these souls will come through in a channeling. They might have good intentions and have some good wisdom to share, but there are often clues that these are souls who lack the experience of a true master soul - an angel.

If a soul talks on and on for hours - this is not a master soul! Our helpers are very simple and direct in their communication. They prefer us to figure it out on our own and they will back and support us along the way. They know that we don't need to be told what to do or lectured to, we just need some help and inspiration to stay on the right track with what we've come to do this lifetime.

Other clues to watch out for are a tone of imposing on you or telling you that you "must" do something. High souls will not impose on your free will and never make commands, just suggestions. C Zone souls are attached to the things of Planet Earth, so if a channeler is drinking alcohol or smoking a cigarette, this is another clue that this soul does not come from D Zone. Many of the most popular channelings with published books and websites are from these wise souls who are not yet graduated. In truth, they are on a glory trip wanting the fame and fortune without the willingness to incarnate into Planet Earth and work through the limitations a physical experience brings.

Messages of doom and gloom or worry about the future are another clue that the soul being channeled is not a master soul.

D Zone souls (or angels/guides) have wisdom, but they will not impose it on you. They will allow you to unfold in your own timing and be very patient with you along the way. They know that no matter what, everything will be all right. You are not lost; you are on a journey of spiritual unfoldment and growth. Even if you died tomorrow, everything would be all right because even if you lost your physical body, you would not die - just change form.

So how can you channel your guides in a more positive way? For one, trust that you have the ability to do this. No one can connect with your angels better than you can yourself. It may be fascinating and interesting to have a medium answer questions for you and contact the other side for you; but in truth it will help you more in your life if you learn how to find your own answers from Spirit and above all, TRUST them when you receive them.

Develop your four spiritual gifts of Intuition, Vision, Prophecy and Feeling. Through your gift of Intuition you can receive words. Through your gift of Vision you can receive pictures and visions, dreams and symbols. Through your gift of prophecy you can receive inner knowings, creative ideas and premonitions of the future. Through your gift of Feeling you can receive gut feelings and hunches.

All of these four gifts are ways of channeling Spirit. Channeling can be done on a daily basis, at random moments of your day. I find that I feel most connected when I'm teaching or being of service to people in some way. AT those times I get covered in chills and I feel inspired to say things that I know did not come from me.

When you are involved in the things that are most in alignment with your life purpose, is when you will feel the most backing, support and inspiration from your angels.

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