Many people are unsure of what astrology really is. Astrology is the study of the planets and how they influence the lives of people. It describes our potential, not our fate. Astrology deals with patterns that are seen frequently in our lives. It interprets our personality traits, life events and individual realities.

I have practiced astrology for nearly a decade. I became a certified astrologer in 2006, and started my astrology business in 2008. There are a variety astrological traditions. Examples are the Western tradition which I mostly use, with a Kabbalistic touch. Eastern astrological traditions are Vedic, Persian and Chinese. Those are just a few examples of different types of astrology.

Many astrologers use methods of combining several traditions like I do as I had stated above. There are also different housing systems. For those who are unfamiliar with astrology, houses in natal charts are areas of a person's life. The way houses are calculated also vary depending on what housing system the astrologer is comfortable with using. Many times, astrologers will evolve into studying a specific type or branch of astrology, and start practicing that.

A large percentage of astrologers begin their practices by strictly reading natal charts, or studying and practicing natal astrology. That involves looking at your birth chart and evaluating your personality, karmic issues, strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, etc are. Once the astrologer becomes more comfortable with reading charts, he or she may start studying another branch of astrology. Branches of astrology are also endless. One branch is mundane astrology, which world events are studied through astrological analyses. Another branch of astrology is electional astrology when the astrologer is able to find the best time to hold an event, surgical procedure, signing a contract, or any other important event by looking at the upcoming transits in conjunction with your natal chart. There are a lot of astrologers that also practice a branch of astrology called horary astrology. That is when an astrologer answers a question asked at a specific time by drawing up a chart and finding the answer through that particular chart. There is also past life astrology.

Past life astrology is the branch of astrology that I have fallen into. I do general natal chart and transit readings, however, I focus most of my astrological work on past life astrology.

Past life astrology involves reading the natal chart and looking into your prior lives, and looking at your past life experiences based on the planetary positions. It is also reveals the karma and challenges you have brought into this life from prior lives. However a past life astrologer will help you realize you can rise above challenges by utilizing the gifts or strengths you had brought into your incarnation as well. Many people want to know what happened to them in their past lives, and more importantly they want to know how they can rise above any challenges that were brought in. A professional past life astrologer can point you towards that direction, and can lead you onto a road of healing.

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Miriam Slozberg is a Canadian author, astrologer, entrepreneur and mom. Her interests involve astrology, reincarnation, spirituality and anything that involves the mysteries of life. She just published her new book, "Stars Behind the Tortured Soul: Healing Past Life Memories through Astrology".