I have learned so much about the mysteries of love being a psychic and especially working on psychic lines where you have to be quick and to the point because the clock is ticking and the pressure is on. Ninety percent of calls are always about matters of the heart. Of all the things I have learned, the most surprising thing of all was . . . that men are way more sensitive then women when it comes to love. I learned that if a man has his heart broken even once . . . he carries that burden to the grave and all future relationships suffer as a result. Women, on the other hand may be deeply wounded, but the minute they fall in love again . . . they plunge neck deep into the new relationship with no holds barred. Men are not like that and I never would have known this if I had not been a top psychic on a line where I took literally thousands of calls about love.

The biggest misunderstanding that most people have is about soul mates. How many times have you heard, "Oh, I know he is my soul mate." Well, in my experience and understanding about soul mates . . . your dog can be your soul mate, your child, your best friend, your mentor. My definition of a soul mate is someone who comes into your life and changes it on a core level in a very dynamic way. Here is the most perfect example of what I mean and I hope it sheds a new perspective on this often misunderstood phenomenon.

I was with a friend having a cocktail at a local bar and next to me I overheard a conversation between two men. One of them was in despair because he was married 25 years and had fallen in love with a Thai girl and did not know what to do about it. Finally, I said, "Excuse me, I am so sorry but I have heard every word of your conversation and I am a psychic and I was wondering if I could give you a reading. He was a bit shocked but he agreed. I told him that he was supposed to get a divorce and that the Thai girl was his soul mate and he was meant to be with her. The Thai girl came to Los Angeles and when I saw them together, I thought to myself . . . "That's strange. She's not the one." I kept my feelings to myself however because I knew there was a reason for her being in his life. He did end up filing for divorce but after a year, it was not yet final and the Thai girl whose name was Ying was getting impatient and they were arguing all the time.

I read for him again just before he was leaving for Brazil to film a movie and I said, "Guess what . . . you are going to meet another soulmate on this trip." He called me a few weeks later and told me he had fallen more in love then he knew was possible and strangely enough, she was a Chinese girl named Pan Ying!

When I met her I knew she was the one and over dinner one evening, I told them, "You know, I really want you both to thank Ying from the bottom of your hearts because without Ying there would be no Pan Ying."

This love story gave me a whole new understanding about soul mates because Ying was definitely his soul mate. She came into his life and changed it at the deepest level because without her, he would have stayed in a loveless marriage.

Within three months he married his China Doll . . . and they are truly a match made in heaven!

Author's Bio: 

Beatrice Marot has been a spiritual adviser in Hollywood for the past twenty years. She specializes in developing the natural talents within each individual and helps them to market their own unique abilities based on their Astrological birth chart. A seasoned “Jyotishi,” Sanskrit for “One who reads the light,” she is adept in the Indian System of Astrology which focuses more on one’s Karma – life lessons and Dharma – life purpose.

She is prolific in many arts of divination including channeling, dream interpretation, the Tarot, visualization, communication with the spirit realm and the source of all intuition – the “Goddess” within. The Goddess represents the feminine, receptive and creative principal within each of us and how to awaken the Goddess energy to bring greater joy, prosperity and healing into our lives.

Celebrity clients include Robert De Niro, Robin Wright, Billy Zane, Michelle Rodriguez Governor Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwarzenegger.