I am always fascinated by the way people are scared, shamed and worried about money. People often think that "the problem" in their lives is money; they think that money is causing their pain, their sorrow, their suffering. They still want more and more of it because it is never enough, they trade their lives for money everyday. If you came from a religious background, you were most likely taught things like "money is the root of all evil" and other sayings of that nature that portray money as a bad thing, a necessary evil. Some people choose to make money by robbing banks, stealing, selling drugs, prostituting themselves, the way they make money is perceived as evil.

The rich people are also perceived as evil, it is funny how people think, he or she must have done something bad to become so rich... ouch... that is so far from reality because it is not always true.

Some get up every morning go to a job they hate, do the minimum they can not to get fired and their employers pay them just enough so they won't quit.

Some get up every morning and go to a job they love and somehow never seem to be recognized for their true contribution, they settle for survival. Aren't you just sick and tired or surviving and getting by?

Some create a business and make tons of money doing what they love and sacrificing their lives for it as their businesses run them.

Some run very successful businesses and leverage their time very well.

Everybody is trading time for dollars, whether you are an entrepreneur or an employee, the level at which you trade your time and the money you making doing it is different.

There are several different ways to make money and we label their ways of making money as good or bad based in our perceptions, our beliefs systems and our deficient human programming. The truth is that we only see things as we are... if you are a bitchy angry, negative person you will see the world as bad, evil, scary and let your fears and apprehensions run your life. If you are a loving, caring and positive person you will see the world as beautiful, kind, loving.


This also means that you are in control of how you see money, how you perceive it and how you relate to it.

If your life is rooted in worry, fear, guilt, anger and shame, your relationship with your money will reflect it, if you doubt this statement, take a moment and do some inner work. Ask yourself the right questions and be honest with yourself." By their fruits you shall know them", your results do not lie! Look at your life; at the time you are reading this, how much money do you have in the bank? Do you have any debt? How is your credit?

Can you afford to do all the things you want to do with the money you have? Do you have all the time you want? Are you free to travel anytime you wish? Are you able to buy all the things you want? Are you making a difference with your money? Are you happy with your money?

Money is a beautiful thing; it is a powerful tool for living on this earth. You can hate it or love it; you are still going to use it. Does your Mortgage Company or landlord take cows, chickens or food for payment? Does your car dealer accept flowers for your car payment? NO, NO and NO, they will foreclose on you, evict you or send the repo man after you to get your car back!

Let's be real, if you need food, shelter, water, cars, clothes, electricity... You need money. Why not create a loving relationship with money so you can attract more of it instead of repelling it? You might even ask, is money real? Money comes in different forms paper, checks, credit/debit cards... and less than 4% of money is printed on paper everything else is just virtual so is it real?

Money ultimately is VALUE or perceived as Value, somehow people on earth have decided that money would be used and so it was. It is value that you can exchange to get the things that you want, it's a worldwide value exchange that comes in different currencies but it still has the same purpose.

Money is also energy, everything on this earth is energy, if it is energy, how do we attract more of it and create wealth? Yes I said Wealth, I love this word and I love the feeling of wealth. I would rather focus on wealth than focus on money itself and here is my perspective, true wealth is abundance, prosperity, freedom, peace and love. If you feel abundant, prosperous, loving and free to do as you wish with the money you have, you are truly wealthy. I would like to offer a different perspective, instead of running a programming of fear, shame, hate and worry about money. How about accepting, loving, and caring about money? Creating a positive relationship with money is crucial to creating wealth.

Don't make money a necessary "should" thing, make it a loyal friend who always wants to hang out with you because it is fun and exciting to be around you, cherish it, honor it, love it, and appreciate it. When you do this you tap into the vibration and frequencies of gratitude and love which are life changing.

Attracting and creating money is an art and I call it the Art of Wealth Creation.

Which is first and foremost about figuring out what your relationship with money is and heal it before getting into the mechanics of creating more of it.

I am inviting you to take some time and analyze your relationship with money? What does money represent to you? How do you feel about money? Why do you want money? How could GOD or the universe use you if you have money? Ever thought that you have a purpose in life and need money to fuel your vehicle in order to get to your destination? Ponder on these and leave me your comments on the box below.

Author's Bio: 

I am the Wealth Creation Coach for the Evolving Women Entrepreneurs who are ready to breakthrough their financial limitations and create true wealth standing in their power, living their purpose and creating possibilities.