Companies in the business world have emulsified the economy of the world with respect to their entrepreneurship skills and sheer determination to fight against all odds to bring out the best in a nation’s revenue system. Corporate multibillion dollar enterprises do not pop up overnight. Starting on a mediocre level, they rise to the top because of their diligence and hard work. Nothing in life has a shortcut route to success, the road to ultimate supremacy is long but not impossible to achieve. Underdogs have risen to become mighty warriors in the battle of the corporate tag of sovereignty. With conventional business comes a set of business plans having its own set of rules and regulations which set them apart from the herd. Before the Questnet Complaint, the company had the makings of a fine multi-level marketing company that have whisked away dozens of people in its direction.

Companies that indulge in network marketing and directing selling are susceptible to a diverse range of challenges that might occur and hinder the company’s image on the whole. The Questnet Complaint was one such incident where the company was faced with accusation questioning its credibility and a number of investigations were conducted to separate the truth for the lies. When official procedures were completed, it was found that the compliant was and insiders job that was targeted to hamper the company’s reputation. A set of members went stag, and conducted the business without the proper guidance provided by the business plan which led to their downfall. So to cover their mistakes, they started the blame game with the company.

Companies that followmulti-level marketing provide a very simplified plan that is understood by the members easily. The members associated with suchcompanies have the authority to start the business at a pace that is comfortable for them to manage. This provides flexibility in terms of business start-up. Companies like Questnet has gone beyond the conventionalities of the corporate sector and utilised unconventional tactics keeping in mind the consumer’s mind-set. When the questnet complaint hit the market, the company suffered a great deal of humiliation. It will definitely take time to resurface but the company is slowly getting back to its feet.

With the Questnet Complaint hitting the market, the companies that are following its footsteps are staying on the low to provide fingers pointing in their direction. Every corporate successful business is bound to face a certain number of downfalls. Certain dry patches might affect company’s reputation but nothing is over till the market is functional. Using the consumer market as platform, various companies have managed to get back to its original condition but the journey is definitely hard. Direct marketing companies have captured the consumers with the chance to earn hefty commissions by eliminating the excess cost expenditures involved in the sale of the products. The corporate business is a cut throat competition amongst the major Ivy League companies and the best of the best survive the obstacles while the weak ones crumble into dirt.

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