The corporate sector has undergone a lot of changes over the last decade in the marketing arena. New tactics and methodologies have been added that have redefined the ways of promoting a company. Initially the cost incurred to start a business and advertising its identity into the commercial arena comprised of a huge sum of capital and human resources. On the other hand, the internet facilitates business enterprises to flourish without any initial cost and advertising is on a global platform without additional expenditure for publicising. Multi level market or MLM enterprises have utilized the online facilities to create a global recognition without incurring additional expenditure. The enterprise uses tactics like direct selling and networking to sell the companies’ products. Initially the companies experienced trouble getting a kick start but with time its eminence on the commercial platform doubled. The Questnet Complaint initiated by rival companies tried to tear down the enterprise but their efforts went for a toss when the truth was revealed. Before the occurrence of this incident, the MLM enterprise was basking in the glory of public recognition and fame.

The Questnet Complaint changed the whole game and caused a rage in the marketing arena regarding the functionalities and policies of the MLM enterprise. The MLM enterprise was created to help the public pave a pathway to fulfil their dreams irrespective of the economical conditions. Multi level marketing is often mixed up with pyramid marketing. The two ideologies are more contrasting than they are similar. MLM companies are engaged in selling products and not just recruitment of members while pyramid marketing indulges in plain recruitment of members without the sale of products. The MLM enterprise is a large network of individuals working with equal eminence in the system. This form of marketing eliminates a seniority quotient as every individual plays in the same field. The public interaction makes it an active enterprise that puts the member’s success before the overall company’s.

The questnet complaint was formulated when the MLM form of marketing had reached the peak of success. The complaints created a minor road block that hampered the functioning of the enterprise to an extent. The allegations and accusations were piling up on regular basis, creating havoc for the MLM companies. Investigations were issued to uncover the truth and evidence was collected in reference of this issue. The findings revealed that the allegations were a ploy by rival companies to create a setback for the enterprise and dissolve its glory.

The Questnet Complaint was futile when it came to destroying the company as the MLM enterprise surfaced out of trouble once the truth hit the market. The people that had turned their backs to this wonderful enterprise returned to avail its benefits. Amongst the chaos and mayhem, the MLM companies stood to defend the business plan and their loyalty was rewarded with the truth. The enterprise preserves its marketing tactics to re-establish its eminence on a public sector. After the fiasco, the companies have eliminated all possible loopholes.

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