Doing something good and novel has always been met with problems and people who want to see you struggling. Qnet tried to make its way into the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) category, and encourage and promote fledgling entrepreneurs to make their mark, along with being financially secure and independent. Multi-Level Marketing is a new aspect of marketing that is not very familiar to everyone, and thus, something that one does not know about or does not understand has always been frowned upon. Qnet and other MLM companies have had to go through many trials and tribulations all because of this fact. The company was doing very well until it was hit point-blank with the Qnet Fraud, which was making rounds on the internet.

For an MLM company to do well, a determined and patient workforce, hard work and time are very important constituents. The Qnet Fraud pointed fingers at the company’s credibility and image. But no one had said that quick money was in the cards. The basic process that the company functioned on was hiring entrepreneurs as IRs (Individual Representatives) who would promote the company’s products to consumers and would get a commission based on the sales they manage to make. This simple and unfussy process was transformed into a nasty, money-swindling scheme by competitors and disgruntled members alike.

They accused the company of tricking members and consumers, and adopting a pyramid-scheme where people would be enrolled and promised payment and services on enrolling more people they knew, rather than supplying real products and services to the public. I read about the qnet fraud on the internet; the rumours had spread like wildfire. There were blatant allegations that spoke ill of the company and the management, and slung mud on their goodwill and integrity.

A few IRs started spreading rumours when they realised that making quick money would not be possible with this MLM company; which was their own fault basically, because everything requires time and patience. Once you had dug your feet into this business, money would follow. But a general lack of understanding and impatience led to these members falsely accusing the company of malpractices. Add to that the fact that the general public more or less has no clue about the goings-on of this field, so they rejected the enterprise completely. It was obvious that they would blindly trust the reports that had suddenly found a strong footing on the web.

No one took into account that these reports could be an attempt of the competitors or other resentful people to take a jab at the company. An MLM company coming into the limelight for its success and goodwill, so suddenly, was a clear indication of its popularity with the masses. It should have been a given that it would face these issues sometime very soon in the future. But like they say, all publicity is good publicity. The Qnet Fraud only succeeded in reviving the popularity of the company, and some positive testimonials from its various satisfied customers helped it stand back up on its feet.

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