There are often many descriptions of what truth is and what truth is not. Absolute truth is often used when it comes to religion or spirituality. These are all fascinating areas to study and to then form one’s own opinion.

And there is also another form of truth; which comes from the ego mind. This is where absolute truth can come into the equation; because the ego mind only sees in polarities. So this means that whatever the ego mind perceives as the truth will not be open to interpretation. It will be something that is completely black and white.

This doesn’t only relate to so called ‘bigger truths’ it can relate to anything in one’s life. While this can relate to questions about whether a god exists or not, it can also include everyday situations and conversations that could be described as more mundane.

The Ego’s Truth

When it comes to what is true and what is not, the ego mind has its own way of coming to this deduction. Once something has become familiar and therefore interpreted as what is safe; it then becomes what is classed as the truth.

Here the ego mind will hold onto that it believes to be true and like a dog with a bone – it won’t let go. And the reason it won’t let go and therefore alter what it believes to be true, is that through the minds association of it being familiar, to change it would mean death.

Life And Death

To look at this logically it is clear that to change what one believes to be true will not lead to death and yet that is how the ego mind functions. Any change, no matter what this change is has the potential to lead to the ego minds end; or so it would seem to the ego.

And unless this truth was to do with putting ones hand in a fire for example, it is seldom likely that it is the truth. But when it comes to the ego mind, it can associate any outlook or opinion as being what is true; it doesn’t matter how functional or dysfunctional it is.

All it has to do is to create an association of familiarity and this leads to what is safe and what is not. So to the mind, it’s a case of either holding onto this perspective and surviving or letting go and dying. Even though to hold onto something as the truth could ultimately lead to death or to a life that is not worth living; it is irrelevant to the mind.


Now, what the ego mind does perceive as the truth may have been for a very good reason at some point. At a stage in one’s life during stress or trauma, it may have lead to ones survival. And although this was the case at one point, it may have resulted in one simply creating their own prison as life continued.

But, as the ego mind will interpret life through these early associations that were formed, it can create the illusion that what was associated as the truth during those stressful moments is the absolute truth.

This can also be done through projection and the same process is occurring; one is interpreting what is happening through their ego minds associations. What was vital for ones protection at one point in life is now leading to unnecessary suffering and pain.


Above I mentioned how truth can relate to questions such as whether god exists and other big questions. But this also relates to so many more areas of life. What the ego mind believes as the truth can include: what men are like and what women are like; what one is capable of and what they are not; how people see them and how they don’t and if they are lovable or if they are not.

There are many other examples and these are just some of the important areas when it comes to what the mind can associate as being the absolute truth.


Once ones ego mind has formed an association of familiarity around a point of view and is now safe with this, it will automatically look for anything that will correspond to this ‘truth’. This can then mean that anything that goes against this ‘truth’ will be filtered out of one’s personal reality.

The saying “We don't see things as they are; we see them as we are’’ by Anais Nin comes to mind here. Here the ego mind can dismiss, deny, edit and cut out all that goes against ‘the truth’. Attracting people who mirror this truth will be part of life and if they don’t mirror it, they may well be avoided altogether.

Being Right Or Being Happy

While the ego mind will do all it can to prove that its right and other views and outlooks are wrong, one can get caught up in holding onto these truths’ and trading in their happiness at the same time.

And as being wrong would be interpreted as the same as death to the ego mind, this is not much of a surprise.


Questioning what one believes is true and what is not is then incredibly important when it comes to being happy. Something may have happened to lead to one perceiving themselves in a certain way or others of a different sex or of the same sex in the same way.

These perceptions may no longer be relevant and although this may be the case; the ego mind is still holding onto them. So even though times have changed, the ego is still interpreting life in the same way.

As one changes what they believe to be true, it can lead to more possibilities in life and to the world opening up. Simply questioning these truths may be enough and for others some form of coaching may be required.

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