The fitness industry is always full of misinformation, which are still so commonly believed by many people around the world. Many people get desperate to lose weight, and get into gyms and get overly excited but have absolutely no real clue how to truly transform their bodies. Since most people do not get the right information, and believe just about anything every fitness magazine says, it results in a high percentage of these people giving up die to lack of results. The following are some of the biggest myths when it comes to weight loss. Hopefully after reading through this article, you will understand more about weight loss and succeed!

One of the biggest myths of all time in the fitness industry is that sit ups and crunches will help you burn off belly fat. There are also so many commercials on television, saying that you can indeed have six pack abs by doing nothing else but work on their abs.

Ab exercises do indeed help your abdominal muscles grow, but these muscles will never be visible if they are still covered by the layer of fat residing on your stomach region! If you cannot see six pack abs, you most probably have a layer of belly fat, and you should get your abs to show by performing both cardiovascular exercises as well as strength training. Performing these exercises will get your heart rate up, improving your metabolism and burning more fats in the process. On top of that, you will also need to take a healthy diet, or your abs will also never show.

Another big misconception about fitness is that women will become buff if they engage in weight training. Most women are worried about strength training if they want to lose weight. They are usually worried that they will gain muscle mass and look too big instead of looking slim and svelte. However, if you are a woman, your fears are unfounded for two basic reasons. Firstly, women have much lower levels of testosterone, meaning that it is very highly unlikely that you will gain much muscle at all even with strength training. Secondly, if you take in only moderate to low amount of calories, then you will not become muscular, but look slim and toned instead.

The key takeaway here is this; be sure to incorporate some form of resistance training as part of your exercise regime. It will help you burn more fats and look fitter.

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