If there is one devastating thing that any artist could receive it would be absolute negative criticism. Criticism is criticism no matter how sweet tongued it is. Criticism always hurts the artist unless they are quite fond of their work and rarely an artist likes their own work because the find plenty of flaws as soon as they finish their piece.
That being said, you should know that in your criticism you use a single art that is the cause of war and death; the art of speech. The art of speech is the strongest art used by politicians. If you have ever wondered how strong it is, look at how faith was spread whether it was Christianity, Islam or Judaism, they were all spread by the art of speech. That is the most divine art that was given to Adam, as Christianity and Islam say and it was full of knowledge.

But aside from that all, there are two methods in which you could use that art. You can either use it the nice way to tell the truth or you can use it the harsh way also to tell the truth. The most important thing is that you tell the truth. If you do not know why this art piece was painted or why this book was written then your effort will be equal to nothing because your criticism will have to be based on your opinion.
In my humble opinion, the mean you do it with is not important as long as you bring your proof along the way. If you were to write a harsh essay on how this movie was directed, then do so but bring your arsenal of skills along the way to prove that your point is true. However, if you try to do it in the nicest way in order to criticism something without having the ability to put it out in words then you will be on the losing side because regardless of the method you use, whether you were nice, aggressive or even sarcastic, you will face opposite criticism.

There are two sides of the story and as we have discussed the critic's side, we shall move on to the receiver who is the artist or director or whichever the profession is. One should have the ability to accept criticism as long as it is positive criticism because criticism in origin is supposed to help one with their life and how they do things. We all receive criticism from our families whether it was because of the way we dress or even the way we live our lives.
It would not be too difficult to accept criticism of people in our social and professional fields if we can accept that in our personal life. To every masterpiece there is criticism and the fact you achieve criticism does not mean that your work or your life is not good enough, of course it is or else you would not be receiving criticism but because you have a potential, you receive such criticism.

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