The human brain is a very important organ for overall function of the body. It is comprised of different parts that all do different jobs but entirely the brain is made up of brain cells known as Neurons which are in their billions. These brain cells are always in constant communication with each other sending electronic signals to one another. Therefore, when a huge number of the cells are in communication and sending electric signals to each other, you can expect there to be great amounts of electricity in the brain. This kind of electricity is different from other kinds and is what is known as brainwave electricity and its frequency measured in units called Hertz. There are several types of brainwaves that explain the condition or state of the mind and activity.

Brain waves do really matter to you because they affect some functions of your body and mind. Some actions that you might do will be dependent on your brainwave activity and for this reason, it has been established that when stimulated, they change and therefore shift your mental state. Kinds of brainwaves include; Alpha, this kind of brainwave is experienced by a person who is in a relaxation mood but still alert. If you are trying to relief some stressful situations then this kind of brainwave is ideal. Its amount of frequency is between 8Hz and 12 Hz. Beta, this frequency generates high alertness and you are totally awake. There are two kinds of Beta which are distinctive by the frequency; Beta and Low Beta. Beta is between 15Hz and 38 Hz while Low Beta is between 15Hz and 20 Hz. Low Beta condition has an increased mental state and focus. Delta is another brainwave that has a frequency of 0.2 Hz to 3 Hz where the mind is still and in deep sleep. This is the lowest kind of brainwave and during this time, the body is rejuvenating itself. The final kind of brain wave is Theta which can again be classified into two, High Theta and Low Theta. Theta frequencies are between 3Hz and 8Hz. During this brainwave length, you are in a light kind of sleep where you are partly awake. Low Theta is at 3Hz and 5Hz it is ideal when you want to meditate and think through some thoughts. High Theta is between 5Hz and 8Hz where the mental state is great to bring your thoughts into visualization; the frequency is also good for treatment of Insomnia which is lack of sleep.

The above types of brainwaves are all important to the human body. Researchers have established that once they are manipulated they can be used to treat several kinds of body and mental disorders like attention deficit disorder (ADD) or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and others. This is because when the mind is at the different states of the brainwaves, the body exhibits certain behaviors than in another brainwave length. You can stimulate to increase or decrease the frequencies then move into different states of mind.

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