While many people in their 20s do get forehead lines, almost everyone will agree that forehead wrinkles are a clear sign of aging. These wrinkles show up on the forehead and are usually in the form of long horizontal lines or short vertical lines between the eyebrows. Like any type of skin wrinkling, these creases on the forehead are brought about by a significant loss of collagen and elastin in the skin. Collagen and elastin are responsible in keeping the skin smooth and youthful looking. As skin collagen diminishes with age, so does the suppleness and youthful appearance of the skin.

Forehead Rows and Frown Lines
While forehead lines appear almost the same to everyone, the truth is that there are two common types of these facial wrinkles. One type is called forehead rows, named so because they form as horizontal lines or rows across the forehead. Most people develop forehead rows as a result of making facial expressions. Animated talkers for example tend to use their facial muscles more when making facial expressions, leading to the formation of forehead rows.

Another type of forehead lines come in the form of short vertical lines sandwiched between the eyebrows. More commonly known as frown lines, these wrinkles are actually referred to in dermatology as glabellar lines. Like forehead rows, glabellar lines are also usually the result of facial expressions and movements. Usually, too much sun exposure makes these lines more pronounced. The susceptibility to facial wrinkles, especially at an early age, is also determined by genetics. If your parents and siblings suffer from frown lines or premature wrinkles, there is a good possibility for you to inherit them too.

Forehead Wrinkle Correction
While forehead lines can be a complete nuisance, the truth is, you can always do something to correct them. One short-term fix for women is to apply a primer and a foundation when wearing make up. This hides the imperfections quickly, though temporarily. An anti-wrinkle forehead cream or serum also works wonders for frown lines. There are more invasive and more expensive options such as getting dermal fillers and surgery; but if you want the safer, less invasive, and cost-effective route, wrinkle creams almost always make a good choice.

Forehead wrinkles may affect your countenance in more ways than you can imagine. Other people may assume you are frowning or uptight all the time due to these forehead creases. With a few lifestyle changes however, as well as using the right anti-aging product, getting rid of these frown lines may actually be easier than you think.

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