Zero gravity chairs' popularity has increased exponentially. These comfortable recliners have many benefits. The notion of "zero gravity position" was discovered by one of the most reputed aeronautics centers, NASA. The recliners are given this name as the sitting position in this chair is the same as that of an astronaut upon lift-off. In addition to this, the zero-gravity posture is an imitator of weightless, as in this posture, our body weight is evenly distributed across the recliner.
Sometimes the name of a product can create the wrong impression also. Zero gravity chairs are the best example. Just because the chairs are known as zero gravity, some people believe they are meant to defy the laws of gravitation. Well, it is not true.

Many people prefer using this chair because of its comfortability factor. However, besides being comfortable, these zero gravity chairs have lots of health benefits. Recovering from back pain is one of the most popular health benefits. Below we have discussed some essential benefits of zero-gravity chairs.

Regulates Blood Pressure

Nowadays, high blood pressure has become a common health problem. Our lifestyle and stress are the most common reasons that cause high BP. When a person is happy and relaxed, the BP remains normal. Many people do meditation or Yoga to achieve a state of relaxation and happiness. Well, reclining on a zero-gravity chair would give you the same feeling.

Our heart pumps the blood against gravity in standing, as well as sitting positions. In these positions, our heart undergoes a lot of stress to circulate blood in the entire body. But this does not happen in the case of zero-gravity position. Because of the agronomic horizontal position of our body, the blood circulation takes place without putting much stress on our heart. This increase in blood circulation further increases the oxygen level in various parts of the body, which results in reducing stress and also relaxes our body and mind.

Back and Neck Pain

Another common health issue faced by people doing a desk job is neck and back pain. Prolonged sitting or sitting in a wrong posture puts lots of pressure on our spine and lower back. In the long term, it might result in back and neck pain. Sitting in a zero-gravity posture takes the pressure off our lower back. This makes these recliners very effective in relieving back pain.

Speedy recovery for back surgery

In case you have undergone back surgery, then sitting on a zero-gravity chair would be very beneficial. Generally, the recovery period of post-back surgery is quite long. However, regular use of these chairs has found to be very effective in reducing post-surgery recovery time.

Reduced Spinal Pressure

As discussed earlier, prolonged sitting on a regular chair puts lots of pressure on our backbone. This pressure puts pressure on our back muscles and causes muscle tension. But, when we sit on a zero-gravity chair, our body weight is spread evenly and not only on our spine. Hence, the regular use of a zero-gravity chair would help in reducing spinal pressure and preventing any spine-related issues.


Most of us spend 8-9 hours of our day sitting on a regular chair. Sitting on a regular chair for long-duration puts lots of pressure on our back. Maintaining a correct sitting posture for long hours becomes quite difficult. As a result, our spine tends to lose its natural shape. Our spine shape changes from the natural 'S' shaped curve to a 'C' shape curve. Recliners or zero-gravity chairs help in maintaining the 'S' curve of our spine. This further helps in improving our body posture in the long-term.

Diminishes Anxiety, Stress

Studies have shown that massage helps in reducing anxiety and stress levels in our bodies. You must be thinking about how this is related to a zero-gravity chair. Well, numerous variety of zero-gravity chairs are available in the market, like “zero gravity folding chairs," zero-gravity massage chairs, etc.
Reclining on a zero-gravity massage chair would not only give physical relief to the user but also help in reducing stress and muscle tension, which is caused due to daily activities. Having a massage chair at home would be like having a personal massager. Just have to sit on it and press a button, and you are ready to pamper yourself and relieve your body from all kinds of stress.

Leg swelling

Obesity or high blood pressure may result in leg swelling. To avoid leg swelling, doctors advise their patients to elevate legs or lie in a position such that our legs are positioned at a height as compared to the head. Well, a zero-gravity chair helps in avoiding or treating leg swelling issue naturally. In a recliner, our legs are positioned higher in comparison to the rest of the body. This reduces pressure from our legs and increases the blood circulation in the legs. As a result, the swelling in our legs reduces after some time.

Relaxes Sore Muscle

Any physical exertion like a heavy workout session, some labor work, etc. may result in stiff or sore muscles. This hampers our daily routine. With a zero-gravity chair at your place, you can get relief from stiff and sore muscles.

Boost the immune system

Studies have shown that a 45 minutes massage session increases the production of WBC (white blood cells or lymphocytes) in our body. These lymphocytes are responsible for protecting our body against various kinds of bacterial and other infections.

An increase in lymphocytes would help the body in preventing diseases and boosting recovery. These further results in boosting our body's immune system.
In today's hectic life, having a comfortable zero-gravity chair is a must. These chairs are easily available in retail markets, as well as on the internet. Select one that suits your budget and fulfil your requirement. Foldable zero-gravity chairs are very popular as they are easy to carry, takes less space, and can be folded when not in use.

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