There is a saying, "there is no better place than your home."
No matter where you go home is the only place you want to come back to spend time with your loved ones. That said, you will always want to protect your home from any exterior or interior leakage, damps, gaps, cracks, and more. You must make sure that you do the water proofing of your house to make sure there aren't any leaking problems
Just painting isn't enough -
It is a must that you use washable paint for both interiors as well as exterior walls. But only paint isn't enough to protect your walls. Dampness is one of the major concerns you must fix.
Dampness can occur due to poor waterproofing, rains, plumbing leaks, downpipe issues, lack of maintenance, etc.
No more Wall Cracks -
Cracks on the wall indicate that there are serious structural problems in your house. While some cracks are normal as they can occur due to the age of the construction, horizontal cracks mean trouble. You must seal the crack and gaps with plaster and wall putty with special additives for complete protection.
Seal the leaks -
If you own a terrace, you must know that the terrace is the main cause of leakages. Terrace leaks work as silent killers and cause massive damage to the roof, which weakens the overall integrity of the structure. Repair your terrace using water proofing chemicals and tiles to avoid roof water leakages.
No Interior Dampness -
Interior walls are the beauty of your home, but the dampness can affect that beauty. Despite using high-quality paint, you may still see the dampness. It can occur due to water collection. The best way to control dampness is by using a cement-based solution that can protect your walls from dampness.

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