The ultimate Guide for Your Kitchen Makeovers

Everyone has a dream to have a worthy kitchen model in mind. Kitchen makeovers can feel like a tough task. There may be so many questions pop up in your mind, how do you even start something like this? Which improvements will appeal to you down the roads? Etc.

We have compiled the few essentials points to remember for successful kitchen makeovers. Consider the following guidelines while planning your project and keep it on hand once the renovations are underway. Our tips will help you design a space that will be both functional as well as aesthetically pleasing for years to come.

Kitchen Makeover Planning

• Take proper time in planning your Kitchen makeover with your renovation team.
• Think about how the kitchen will be used and how you want it to be look and function.
• Every change you make during the process will add time and cost you money so figure it out before you start.
• Consider ROI when planning the layout and choosing the material.
• When planning the new layout, figure out the best location for the appliances and sinks, so that you can determine where the plumbing and electrical outlets should go.
• The functionality of the appliances in the kitchen will dictate the layout of the rest of the room.


• Make sure you are spending your money wisely during your kitchen makeover.
• Priced out each of your desired projects and compare them to your budgets.
• Consider redesigning the cabinet rather than entirely replaced.
• You can also purchase your appliance package from a wholesale supplier.
• If you are working on a limited budget, replacing drawers pull and the fixture is often enough to give the room fresh look.

Kitchen Layout

• The layout is a most crucial element of a kitchen makeover, yet it is one of the most overlooked.
• Whenever possible the sink, stove, and refrigerator should form a work triangle. As it is a good goal if you can make your kitchen triangle.
• Do place the dishwasher immediately adjacent to the sink.
• A proper ventilation of your kitchen is most important, as getting rid of the stale air it helps to extend the life of your appliances and your gas stove.
• Don’t let your cabinets or appliances doors interfere with one another or get in the way of traffic flow.
• Plan for a spot to hold garbage and recycling bins so they are easily accessible but hidden from the sight.
• Do extend your cabinets all the way to the ceiling, use the space in a kitchen island and maximize cabinets and drawers spaces if any way possible.
• Be sure to include extra space for walkways.

Designs and Finishes

• Consider how your countertops will be used and make decisions based on your countertops, not just only style and looks.
• The proper lighting in your kitchen is very much relevant. As it’s not only about the designs, it’s also about the safety when you are working at your kitchen.
• Install dimmer switches so that you can control how much light is dispersed.
• Keep in mind all the finishes should complement each other and work together. It should never look too messed up.
• You can also go for some finished product like professional – grade stainless steel appliances, granite countertops and a huge island.
• Think about adding bold lighting fixtures, patterned rugs or using statements furniture to make your kitchen feel like home.
• Don’t go for more than two countertops in your kitchen.
• To infuse your kitchen space you can go to Statement Island or patterned tile floor.

Your kitchen is a practical and highly used space that you should truly enjoy living in each and every day. Keeping it updated according to your liking and trend is always a comfortable one. When you upgrade your kitchen, the efficiency, style, and value of your entire home will improve along with the quality of your own lifestyle.

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