Amongst the many communication tools used by big corps, nothing beats the traditional email. When it comes to an efficient web-email client, Gmail takes the top position. There is a reason why 1.5 billion users opt to use Gmail. Not only does it offer an efficient email experience for its users, but it is also backed up with high security and a sleek line of outstanding features, making Gmail your ideal email client.

Gmail is a cloud-based service which means no more downloading messages, saving files to multiple locations, or syncing inboxes across different devices. One can access the Gmail inbox even if they are offline. Apart from the basic email features, Gmail offers powerful tools to organize, automate as well as manage one’s inbox.

By leveraging these features, one can boost productivity and work much more efficiently. Thinking of using this powerful platform for your next marketing campaign, Gmail PVA accounts are the way to go. Let’s look into the features of what makes Gmail PVA the perfect tool.

1. Plenty of Storage

Gmail comes with an astonishing 15 GB worth of free storage, which means one can save all their messages and files for future reference without having to worry about extra space on their device. This free space is shared with Google Drive and Google+ Photos. With PVA account service providers like PVA E Shop, one can purchase bulk Gmail PVA accounts and utilize the 15 GB storage with every account.

2. The added advantage of Google services

Apart from accessing the email service, Gmail users can access multiple Google services right from the Gmail inbox. Access all the great Google services from Gmail PVA accounts.

Google Drive: Whether you want to create online spreadsheets, documents, or even presentations, Google drive offers free access to a library of cloud-based office applications. Not just that it offers plenty of space to store files online.

Google Maps: This web and the mobile-based app are great to find directions wherever you’re on the go. From navigation, satellite view, view user photos of places, find parking places, and much more.

Google Calendar: This cloud-based calendar system is inbuilt in Gmail to help organize and plan out one’s day. It is easy to use and users can access it from both the web and mobile devices.

Google Keep: It works like online sticky notes applicable on both the desktop and phone

Google Analytics, Adwords, Adsense: Got a website then this is a handy feature. It helps to track, promote and monetize one’s website.

3. Organize Emails like never before

With Gmail, one can organize their inbox by labeling emails in the way they prefer. Gmail offers default labels but it also gives the option to customize labels for added personalization. Organize and label email contents with the help of Smart labels. This AI-based feature classifies emails automatically, adds labels, and removes emails such as Bulk or forums from the inbox. It also shows the number of messages on each label and prevents the inbox from being cluttered. Another great feature of labels is the use of colors in different emails. By assigning a color code system to one’s inbox, it will transform the way one organizes their work. One can even utilize the starring feature, to mark important emails. Organize your inbox and increase productivity with the help of Gmail PVA accounts.

4. Spam filtration and virus checking feature

Gmail aims to offer its users high security. With the help of the anti-malware and anti-virus scanners pre-installed into its system, Gmail is able to detect harmful viruses from creeping into your inbox. Gmail’s spam filtering is the best one available up to date. It will automatically remove unwanted email content or show a warning regarding the message and safely tuck it away from one’s inbox.

5. High security and data backup

Gmail offers a number of options to safeguard personal information within one’s inbox. From strong password requirements to notification when someone tries to login into an account to recovery option in case one forgets or needs to change their password. Another great security feature is the two-step verification. This requires one to provide a valid phone number so that every time one signs in to their account, Google sends a verification code.

In case you’re looking for authentic and secured Gmail accounts without the need for phone verification, then Gmail PVA accounts are a great deal. Meet all your marketing needs without the hassle of registering for these accounts.

6. Save time with these Gmail tricks

Gmail is packed with a number of functions that many are not aware of. Features such as Undo Sent email that gives users the option to retract a sent message within a matter of 30 seconds. This allows them to correct the mistake or delete the email entirely. Save time with the help of email templates or canned responses. One can even scan the email contents with the help of the reading panel, this is a great way to skim out the main agenda of the topic. With the help nudge feature, Gmail will set reminders at the top of the inbox for a follow-up on those important messages. You can access all these great features and more with the help of Gmail PVA accounts.

7. Gmail Advanced Search feature

Can’t find important client information within your inbox or looking for a file that dates two years back. With the help of the Gmail advanced search feature, you won’t have to worry about losing anything anymore. Gmail offers over 20 search operators that operate to hunt down piles of information to give you what you’re looking for. It can find messages, files, attachments, dates with the help of these search operators. They can work together to create filters and provide specific search results.

8. Schedule and deliver bulk email campaigns

When scheduling bulk email campaigns, Gmail PVA accounts are the best option. Instead of spending money on expensive email campaign plans, one can purchase bulk Gmail accounts at one time at the most reasonable price. With Gmail PVA accounts, one can schedule an email campaign ahead of time by creating a calendar for future mailings. No more worries about sending email campaigns to a large number of people, with Gmail PVA accounts one won’t face the deliverability issue anymore. Make the best use of Gmail PVA accounts and leverage your email marketing campaigns.

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