What Is Shopping Cart Abandonment?
Shopping Cart Abandonment term used when your online shop visitor who add items to their shopping cart but exit without completing the purchase.

If you are Magento store,
owner and facing problem to drive conversions and you find that people are interested in your product, they even go so far as to add items to their shopping carts. The only problem is, they don’t purchase and abandonment cart at final step!! That’s reason your need to maintain abandonment rate to give best experience to your store visitors. According to the Baymard Institute, the average shopping cart abandonment rate for ecommerce retailers is around 69.89%.

In this article We have covered Best Solutions to Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment in your Magento Online Store.

How to Reduce Abandonment Shopping Carts?
There are many reasons for shopping cart abandonment that could make your sales results low and the bad quality of your customer service. Here We listed most common reason and solutions reduce your cart abandonment,

1. High Shipping Cost
Shipping costs are first thing may customer check when they purchase from your site, especially if they are high. A customer may be okay with paying a specific price for an item, but upon seeing the shipping cost, they suddenly don’t feel like it’s worth it. This can be even worse if the shipping time is long, as the combination of the high price and long waiting time can be reason to don’t purchase and abandonment the cart so make them easy option to know final product price.

2. Process of Create New Account
A user who has already added to their cart and wants to make a purchase is a valuable asset, and someone you should be helping to get through each stage of your store very easily. If a customer is prompted to create an account before they can continue with their purchase, a significant portion of users will abandon their cart as they don’t like to go through the process of signing up.

3. Bad Website Navigation
As mentioned previously, an optimized checkout process is one that is efficient, secure, and most importantly smooth. The fewer things the customer has to deal with, the easier it is for them to buy and the higher the conversions will be in your store.

4. Lack of Payment options
A lack of diverse payment options can leave a large percentage of your audience without a way to pay for your products. Which is not a situation you want to be in, as it will undoubtedly cost you quite a bit of money.

5. Bad Payment Security
For sites that are new or don’t have much of a reputation, you can lose sales through apprehension as your customers don’t go through with the purchase due to fears of being scammed, or due to not fully trusting your service.

6. Non-Personalized Shopping Experience
Personalized shopping experiences are one of the best ways to decrease the number of times you get the Magento abandoned cart on your store.

7. No Shipping Cost Calculator
The Magento 2 Matrix Rates Calculator is an extension for your Magento Store that will help your store visitor to get easily shipping cots with single click. This saves a lot of time since they don’t need to calculate them manually anymore, and will increase conversions as you have removed one more obstacle that could put your customers off completing their purchase.

Final Words,

Magento online store is a great Ecommerce,
platform and search engine friendly, and it does provide you a lot of option to use to deal with the dreaded Magento abandoned cart email and to make sure your sales get better result. Now you understand some of the best ways to reduce shopping cart abandonment, so go out there and try out to give best shopping experience to your Customer!

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