This article offers detailed knowledge on the right approach and things to consider while preparing a moving checklist for your home relocation.

Preparing a moving checklist is undoubtedly important for relocating your home or office in an organised way. This list should include all the items you need to shift as well as all the activities you need to do for the relocation. Having a moving plan greatly helps you to stay in the right track and ensure that you complete the entire process on time. As you might find a lot of difficulties while preparing the checklist, you can always seek professional help of an expert on removals in Sydney who can offer professional knowledge to you on the same.

Here in this article, we would help you understand the points you should know and include in your moving checklist. So, let’s get started.

Eight weeks before moving

It is always important to do prior planning at least two months before the move. And when getting started with the same, there are certain things which you must consider. Some of them are hereby stated.

• Prepare a Google Doc or simply a moving binder where it’s easy for you to track everything.

• Include every detail of your moving checklists and other important things such as receipts, contact information, and documentation in the moving binder or Google doc.

• Organise all your documents at one place including the final bills, moving estimates, and others.

• Get a backup of your files and photos and store it in an external hard drive or in the cloud.

• Measure all your furniture items by using a measuring tape so that you can be sure of having no problem while moving them from your old home to new place.

• Declutter all your belongings such that you can eliminate the items which, you don’t want to use anymore.

• Sell, donate, or simply discard all such items to get rid of the extra load you need to carry during the shift.

Six weeks before moving

• Now is the time when you need to dive a bit deeper. Some of the things to do now are:

• Start procuring the moving boxes for free if they are available in a decent condition.

• Start procuring the other packing supplies such as bubble wrap, duct tape, and more.

• Take pictures of the items that need to be shifted and keep them in the moving binder so that you can ensure that all of them are transported properly.

• Make the necessary small repairs required.

Two weeks before moving

• Inform everyone about your new address so that there isn’t any kind of miscommunication or communication barrier for which, you miss out on any important information. You should inform your bank, insurance companies, and utility service providers about the same.

• Cancel or update all sorts of your subscriptions and memberships in local entities.

• Start the packing process as it’s going to take a lot of time and need to be done in the most efficient way.

On the day of moving

• Check all the paperwork to ensure they are alright and you’re not going to face any issues during the transit.

• Buy readymade food and some containers, paper cups, etc.

• Make space for the removal experts such that they can work without any hindrance which, might lead them to face a serious accident or slip ups.

Your relocation is undoubtedly one of the most crucial tasks for you and it has to be perfect at all means. But, without the right expert on removals in Sydney to guide you, things might get extremely difficult for you. This is why always focus on hiring the best removalist nearby, thereby taking a step closer to a systematic and stress-free move.

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