Premature ejaculation is not an illness, all that it required is a change of habit and mindset. However to change this habit requires a great deal of practice and effort if you are to overcome this problem. You must not despair because all it takes to defeat premature ejaculation and ED is determination.

When one fails to last longer during sexual intercourse his mood will begin to swing between frustration, annoyance, embarrassment and despair. But really premature ejaculation could be referred to as a myth. Sometimes it is more of the mind than a disease. It does not matter how old you are or experienced you may be; premature ejaculation is a problem that affects all men.

You do not have to numb-out or anesthetized your self with dangerous desensitizing creams, medicine, or any of the endless methods you may find online. Making passionate love to your woman for as long as you want to is a lot easier than you think. Anybody can do it no matter how bad you think you may be. But the fact is that it has to be done right or your lack of sexual control and endurance may grow worse instead of better.

How Controlling Your Ejaculation Actually Works
There are actually several different but overlapping reasons why you cannot control your ejaculation and some of them are not even your fault. But they are things you can do something about. Your ejaculation problem can be overcome because the primary causes of premature ejaculation are nearly 100% emotional or mental

Almost None of Them Are Physical.
The biggest reason you suffer from premature ejaculation is that your body and mind cannot handle the sudden and extreme level of sexual excitement and intensity that your emotions generate within you.

When your level of sexual desire (emotions) goes up then your level of sexual excitement (arousal) rises, and it acts like an automatic trigger in your testicles and instantly you just have to ejaculate. It is an involuntary reflex. Your body is hardwired to do it. However, you can build up your sexual endurance and tolerance for powerful, pleasurable lovemaking.

You can train your mind and rewire your body to work together perfectly for peak sexual performance and enjoy even more sexual pleasure than ever before.

You can build your sexual endurance for pleasure like an elite athlete builds his endurance for pain and physical strength. It is the same principle, but a different activity.

There are many things that can cause low libido and premature ejaculation in men, but fortunately, there are just as many solutions. This article is to help you learn a bit about the healthier natural methods that you can employ to boost your sex drive and become the best version of yourself. You will also be able to please your woman better and improve your intimate relationship.

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