The television was an unknown entity up until 1927. Since then the TV has gained popularity. It enables you to see things that would otherwise only be in your head. This many years later, the TV is even more in demand. It has undergone many changes.

We want to think that right now it is at its peak. We now have smart tv's. These allow you to surf the internet. You can stream movies and television programs and listen to music online. One such TV is android supported TV.

Android TV features

Android TV is like a smart TV, but it has even more features. It is a unique configuration of the Google Android mobile operating system. It focuses mostly on helping you to find the material you can enjoy on your TV. It can access the Google Play store. Here you will see stuff that has been designed for use by a TV. And of course, it has the Google Assistant. This feature allows you to give commands using your voice.

Chromecast technology is also featured. This technology allows you to perform activities like screen sharing and casting videos from your phone to the TV. This TV supports features like HDR and 4K Ultra HD. And however, depend on the type of device installed.

As said before, Android TVs have their OS (operating system). This means like a smartphone, and you can easily upgrade it. For a broader range of apps, this TV is the best option. It is also cheaper because it is open source. This pretty much means it can access quite several different apps.

To get the Android TV setting is quite comfortable. This is because it comes preinstalled in smart TVs from Sony, Hisense, and others. If the television set you have now doesn't have this feature, do not worry. You can add the functionality to any TV that has an HDMI port. Once you set it up, it becomes easy to use.

Sony TV Price in Bangladesh

Since 2015, Sony TVs have had the Android TV feature added to theirs. You can access it by choosing the ‘Home' key on the remote control. You then select the Android TV feature and proceed from there. You can set up your specifications. The TV will then know your interests and recommend similar sites for you. You can also play games on it. The quality of pictures is HD (high definition).

LED TVs require lower power and last longer than other types of lighting.

Sony TV prices in Bangladesh vary according to the sizes and their features. The smallest size is 32-inches, and the pricing is around 25,000Tk-34,000 Tk. The price range depends on the size of the TV. The larger the size, the more it costs. It also depends on the features and specifications included in the TV.

LED TV Price in Bangladesh also has its price range. These prices depend on the make of the TV and the dealers.

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