Planning your wedding with your lifetime partner is already half of the dream come true! To bring your vision to life, there is a lot to be thankful for to the people who go out of their way to support you in this new chapter.

From the bridesmaids and groomsmen cheering you on and doing what they can to lighten the load, to your parents and principal sponsors for the guidance, and your significant other, appreciate them with well-curated gourmet gifts from Jet Gift Baskets - your one-stop shop for all your gifting needs for any occasion. Here are different collections to choose from:

For Your Spouse-To-Be

Make your wedding present for each other memorable! Perhaps something you can take with you on the honeymoon, or maybe a relaxing care package to calm your nerves? On top of what you have already prepared for your loved one (like jewelry or watches), how about these?

Let’s Get Away

Show your romantic side to your significant other with this premium gift basket. Celebrate your honeymoon, anniversaries, and other important relationship milestones with sips of Cabernet Sauvignon and quick bites of artisan picks to match!

Sequined Bride Tote

Pamper the blooming bride-to-be with a package that will help her unwind before the big day! This gorgeous gift contains sparkling juice, a blanket, guilt-free candies, and an inspirational book to calm her nerves.

Dom Perignon and Bentley Men’s

Gift Basket

 An exquisite pairing of Dom Perignon champagne and men’s products from Bentley makes up this premium gift basket. Surprise the fine man of the hour for his big day to celebrate his love and refined taste!

For Your Parents, In-Laws, & Principal Sponsors

Honor your loving folks and supportive sponsors with thoughtful gift baskets that feature signature treats and classic artisan favorites. That way, they can help themselves to scrumptious flavors after sending you off on a lifetime adventure with your spouse!

Sparkling California and Artisanal Delights

An array of artisanal foods from all over the state are featured in this generous California Delicious gift box. Perfect for your family and the one you’re marrying into!

The Italian Home

Bring the romance of Italian cuisine to the homes of your united families! This gourmet gift basket is packed with wine and pasta pairings plus other artisan selections - just what your first gatherings need.

Cameron Hughes Chard

Keep it classy with this wine gift basket of Cameron Hughes Chardonnay that comes with artisan pairings such as biscuits and dips. Good selection for intimate gatherings after the wedding!

For Your Bride Squad

Your bridesmaids are actually doing more than just snapping a thousand photos of you during your gown fitting! These exquisite totes and gift baskets should say exactly what your words can’t express anymore. Plus, these are great bachelorette party must-haves, too!

Yes Way Rose

Make the bridal shower or preparation time with your squad another one for the books with this champagne gift basket! Pretty in pink and filled with sweet pairings to your drinks, every shot goes to the ‘gram.

Rose Champagne Bucket for Her

Imagine how nice this would be in the hands of your girls while posing with you for the pre-wedding shoot! Champagne, chocolates, and a book - all the things they love in one adorable thank-you package.


Tell your girls how much you treasure them with this pristine ivory chest of Sterling Vineyard Rose Wine! Also comes with themed accessories for a fun bridal shower or pre-wedding shoot.

For Your Groomsmen

Keep the mood light and elegant for the dashing male entourage with selections that definitely look good on the photo ops! Give them their bottle of chill for a fun, emotional celebration ahead. Great for bachelor parties, too.

Blue Moon Meat Snacker

Before they give their bro away, let them get snacky with this gourmet gift basket of manly beers and bites - ‘cause even guys get jittery as well!

Executive I

Here’s something to match your crew’s dapper ensemble - bottles of fine wine and artisan pairings. Could also double as a post-wedding celebration package for them and their dates!

Every Man Jack Pamper Kit

It’s not everyday that your boys get to suit up. Prepare them for an entire day of sharpness with this pamper kit for men!

Appreciation is one way of showing others that one way or another, they touched your lives for the better. By putting much thought into what to give the people who have been part of your growth as a couple, you are reminding them that their presence on your special day is something you will cherish for life. Cheers!

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